Write for Us/ Submit an Article

We welcome your submissions to Zinny Factor! We originally started as a workplace/ career blog and so we have always been fans of thought-provoking and inspiring articles. This is the core of our existence. Below are the writer guidelines for our blog articles.

Please read our requirements before sending your work to us.

Sending your article ideas

Send us a proposal which includes an estimated word count. Tell us about the topic, your angle and why you think it would interest our readers. Your article can fit any of our blog categories which includes: employee career-related articles, entrepreneurship or side hustling, the life of an immigrant worker or short stories reflecting the life of a worker.

Also, include a few samples of your writing, we’d love to visualize your writing style if possible, so shine! If you’re a new writer, don’t worry if you don’t yet have such a list, just let us know in your email. Please note that, as we are Canadian based, we generally prefer Canadian-based stories.

We’ll get back to you within a week or two and if the article is acceptable, you can go ahead to send us the full article. Include your name, a short biography of yourself at the end of your article as well as your contact (social media pages or website).

Side note: we love articles that are clear and have a plain language. This reflects our writing style.


All articles must have a minimum of 800-word count.

Editing process

Note that the article might be edited, however, we won’t change the message. As for the title of the article, this might be adjusted to meet our standards. If there is a major change that we’d have to make, we’ll notify you of this.

There should be no self-promoting links or advertisement links included in the article or this will be denied. Please note that we have our marketing and SEO services, if you want to advertise on our site, you may contact us to discuss our services.

Once published, a link will be sent your way to review and you may share with friends and family.


You own your story. If you’ve sent your article to other publications as well, please let us know when you submit it. If anyone wants to reshare your article after, we will refer them directly to you. We’d be grateful if we can be the first platform that publishes your article!


At this time, Zinny Factor doesn’t pay for article contributions. However, your name and contact will be published for your own promotion and shared across our social media pages. If you want to be a regular contributor, we are happy to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement. Our hope is to grow this platform in the long run with passionate people who share our ideas/ vision such as yourself.

Submitting your article

Send us your article via Google Doc or as a Word attachment, via e-mail. Alternatively, you can write your article into the body of your email message. Send to [email protected] and we’ll reach back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!