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July 2021
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Ezinne Obayagbona

Co-Founder of Zinny Factor & Customer Success Manager

$30 per session

I currently work as a Customer Success Manager at a software company and I am a co-founder of Zinny Factor. 

In 2015, I moved to Toronto, Canada to further my studies and went through a defining moment which resulted in me changing my career path twice. With an interest in Tech but with no STEM background, I pivoted to the Tech space and continue to grow my career in this industry.

As your coach, I help improve your self-awareness and self-efficacy in order to attain your career-related goals. I have experience with clients from entry-level to the mid-level stage of their careers and believe that everyone has the potential to experience career fulfillment. 

I assist my clients in gaining confidence, clarity, success, and fulfillment by facilitating self-understanding, in-depth research, informed decision making, and realistic action planning. 

I hold a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and I am an MBA candidate at Boston University. I also have a Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management with Honors from Durham College.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Career mapping
  • Career change
  • Study consultation to plan towards a career path
  • Transition to Tech for non-tech individuals
  • Career change from Law to a different field
  • Guidance on becoming a Customer Success Manager