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13 Basic (and General) Rights you have as a Worker

Have you ever wondered what your basic or general rights as a worker are? Sometimes you may be afraid of what to do, what to ask for, or what you think you deserve at work. The simple meaning of a right is something that is morally good, justified, or acceptable. I am giving this definition just so that you have a background of what this article is all about. 

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What you can do to Handle Workplace Bullying

Hello! How have you been? How has your work week been? I failed to post an article early this weekend and I really do apologize to you. You are my regular reader who takes out time from your busy schedule to read my articles. You are my supporter and you show it in a way I really do appreciate. I value the time you spend reading, it gives me a reason to carry on and makes me realize that I am doing something valuable. I will reorganize my schedule. This week has been really hectic and long but that’s no excuse. Thank you so much for coming back here!

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