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Why Employers Still Value Grit

Grit is a quality we don’t often talk about these days. It seems somehow old fashioned and a bit harsh. But grit (or determination) is vital for success in today’s workplace, both for the individual and the team at large. Someone with grit never gives up, no matter how hard the stakes get.

That can be at a personal level, perhaps as an athlete. But we would also recognize grit as camaraderie and working for a higher good, despite whatever insecurities or hardships the individual is experiencing. That’s why we often think of soldiers when we hear the word grit. World War II was full of tales of grit and courage in the face of the adversity.

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Want to feel More Appreciated & Valued at Work? Here is How!

You go to work happy. Do everything within your power to meet the end of your bargain – do your job!

And your boss or employer never deems it fit to acknowledge your hard work and input.

This is not to say that you are carrying out your job because you hope to be rewarded or praised. I think as humans we just want to feel appreciated.

We want someone to notice that we put in some time to make some achievements.

I get it.

You get it!

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4 Ideas to Push your Career Further in 2017

We are still in that Christmas/ New year mood!!! I love this time of the year and I know you very well do too. However, this season makes us cast our minds back and look forward as well.

We want to make sure that the path we are on in a quest for a meaningful career is truly the right path. We want to be certain that we don’t end up making the same mistakes we made at some point in the past.We want to stay positive, keep hope alive, and move ahead in our endeavors. 

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When your Workplace Buddy Leaves

You all know how keen I am about having a workplace buddy. That person you look forward to meeting at work every day. You both have lunch together, talk about challenges you may be facing with tasks, discuss possible solutions and most likely dive into your personal life matters. Sometimes, the relationship you have with this person goes way deep. It could even be a bond. Okay, maybe not too deep, but you know what I mean?

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How you can Easily Build Self-Confidence


People look up to confident people. They are admired. They become mentors….it just happens! They make waves. They are able to speak freely with others and meet up with proposed expectations. Confident people are risk takers ready to put up with any challenge that may come their way.

They most likely never regret it because they expect the best and work towards that. They go for what they want and achieve it. Confident people are not just dream-chasers, they really do live the dream! I can go on and on, but let me spare you the list at least for now. I know that you have an idea.

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How to be a Star at Work: Inspired by Two People

It’s mid week already! The week has been great so far, it joggled from ups and downs. It has been hectic, busy, bloomy. Just name it! but it’s the experiences so far that really matters right? All the same, we are on the quest to be great at work and be a star performer. Most importantly, we have lost two “stars” this week and even as we mourn, I thought it was wise to get inspired by their work and career.

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