Career Change, Getting Ahead

6 Rules to Increase Productivity at Work

Ever wondered how sometimes it feels like you have accomplished tons of objectives in a day and at other days it seems like you simply breezed through the day and practically stared at your laptop all day? Relax. It’s normal. You are not a robot. These things happen sometimes. There are several misconceptions on how to get a productive day or week and honestly, I pretty much believed most.

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Delegation at work
Entrepreneur's Workplace

Delegating Is A Lot More Than Putting Up Your Feet

It’s a skill that’s essential to all managers and employers, but one that’s not very well understood by a lot of them. Many make the mistake that delegating is all about being able to give orders, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s a workload management tool made to ensure you get the best use of the resources around you while fostering a more cooperative environment. Let’s go into how it involves much more than telling someone to do more work.

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Career Change, Getting Ahead

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: What You Need to Know

As an employee, it is always important to consistently ask yourself if you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of you even as you progress on your job. Most times this is stated in the job description but it can be really hard to decipher which is which.

At other times, it is equally essential for you to determine if you need improvement. There are some expectations that may not necessarily be stated in your job description but will affect your performance.

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