Career Change

How to Deal with a Micromanaging Boss

Hello, Oh my! I missed this space so much. I missed blogging and hearing back from you. I missed you, I honestly did. I am so happy to be back here and doing what gladdens my heart. Typing at this moment is giving me so much joy, believe me. I didn’t plan to be away this long but it just happened. Remember the last post where I told you that I had “agreed” to have a week long celebration for my birthday? I didn’t know what was waiting for me. I had no clue.

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Getting Ahead

Millennial: How to be a Leader

Hey, millennial worker! You are young, you see things differently, you may not necessarily be a team leader or a manager presently, but you can make a difference. You can be a leader. You can exhibit characteristics of a leader even where you least expect. Age has nothing to do with being a leader.

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