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5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Believe me, this article has long been due. I went over to a friend’s and had this photograph of me taken when I woke up. It wasn’t planned funny enough. If you know me too well, you would know that I don’t joke with my sleep.

I must confess, in the past I was so in love with my bed, but that was lazy and also not good for my health because I had regular headaches.

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How to Stay Positive and Mean it

Saying something positive can go a long way in life. It can affect your entire week. So many people talk about staying motivated but barely know how to go about it. Staying positive is the best approach to life most especially because it reduces any form of anxiety that may lead to health related problems.

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Career Change, Getting Ahead

11 Tips For Managing Stress

The journey of life can be stressful and demanding, I admit. It is even worse with modern day life. The workplace cannot be left out, it unknowingly becomes stressful if you fail to handle stress properly and make the best of it.

The biggest mistake you will make is accepting that stress is a way of life. No, it isn’t. It may be unavoidable, but its negative effects can be curtailed.

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