Career Change

How to Deal with a Micromanaging Boss

Hello, Oh my! I missed this space so much. I missed blogging and hearing back from you. I missed you, I honestly did. I am so happy to be back here and doing what gladdens my heart. Typing at this moment is giving me so much joy, believe me. I didn’t plan to be away this long but it just happened. Remember the last post where I told you that I had “agreed” to have a week long celebration for my birthday? I didn’t know what was waiting for me. I had no clue.

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Entrepreneur's Workplace

6 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in your Organization

If you run a business, manage one or you are in management group then you have complex duties. To have the required skills, competencies and knowledge for your role, adequately apply it and also to effectively coordinate activities of staff/ employees in lower positions. This is where employee engagement comes in because you should motivate, assist and push other employees to achieve set objectives of the organization.

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Getting Ahead

Millennial: How to be a Leader

Hey, millennial worker! You are young, you see things differently, you may not necessarily be a team leader or a manager presently, but you can make a difference. You can be a leader. You can exhibit characteristics of a leader even where you least expect. Age has nothing to do with being a leader.

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