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7 Activities to help Relieve Stress at Work during Lunch Break

Everyone gets to deal with stress at work at some point or the other. A tight deadline to meet. An appointment to keep. An important decision to make and not wanting to make a decision that ‘haunts’ you.

Work related stress can take a toll on your health because, unfortunately, you may be unable to drop the stress at work and head back home. It just doesn’t happen that way, these things are psychological.

Chronic stress can result in insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety, and a possibly weakened immune system. It can also contribute to health conditions such as depression, obesity, and heart disease.

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How do I Deal with a Co-worker that Interrupts me with too Many Questions?

Hello, lovely readers!

Apologies for not updating the blog well enough this week. I was really swamped with work and if I had attempted to stay put with my blogging schedule, I would have been pushing it too far. I always recommend getting adequate rest at all times even though our modern world can be so fast these days. All the same, I had to live by my mantra: take it slow!

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Career Change, Getting Ahead

6 Ways To Help You Work With A Difficult Person

Let’s face it, we all have different personalities and difficult people exist! Imagine a world filled up with people of similar behavior. The world to an extent would have been boring. Variety is the spice of life! Oh yeah, I said that, despite how old that phrase may be.

So if the world has people of different behaviors, religion, culture and so on, it inevitably means that the workplace will have people with varying personalities.

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