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Career Change, Getting Ahead

Why Employers Are Looking For Your Authenticity

What are your thoughts on being authentic? Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner. Just imagine how stressful their lives are. They have a million other rivals to compete with, they’re constantly trying to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Trying to implement new technologies. Desperately trying to understand consumer trends and searching for talent.

That last part concerns you, someone who is searching for a new career or a new job has to factor in all these things an employer is trying to do. So when it comes to hiring, a business owner doesn’t want just any average Joe, they want someone who can really change things for them.

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Why you should consider Employee Referrals

So many companies have the challenge of recruiting the best employees. Every organization wants top talents and a way I advise on this is through utilizing employee referrals. Employee referral is an internal recruitment channel whereby an organization identifies potential candidates through existing employees. These existing employees make use of their existing social network to recruit the best possible candidate for available positions.

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