Welcome to Zinny Factor, the go-to destination for new graduates, career shifters, immigrants and next-gen workforce to find meaning in life and career.


To provide information and opportunities to increase satisfaction in the life of workers.


To provide leading practical solutions that help workers in their self-development, motivation, and passion towards their job, work, career, business and life in general.


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Our Story

Zinny Factor was founded in March 2016 to provide workplace solutions and increase happiness among workers to include: new graduates, career shifters, immigrants, and next-gen workforce. Our cofounder, having gone through a career change, and being a new immigrant in Canada, had the need to express the realities of life in and out of the workplace.

We’ve noticed workplace issues that no one talks about in open and share how to handle similar experiences, incorporating life issues into every service we provide. Our belief is that everyone has a role to play on earth and you can be anything you want to be! No one should be pressured to fit into a box, neither should you allow anyone to limit your abilities because you can achieve anything.

We have a diversified business model providing: Career Advice via articles/ blog posts, Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions,  Resources, and Networking opportunities. Z|F Prime is our subscription service which offers a self-serve career guidance platform tailored to the Canadian job market.