Packing Tips for Premium Goods - Zinny Factor

Packaging design can be an important factor when making a product appear luxurious. Fail to use the right visual cues and your product could come across as cheap or unserious. Below are a few ways to effectively package a premium product.

Embrace black

Black has become the color of luxury within the packaging. Jewellery, high-end aftershaves, luxury chocolate, and premium coffee brands all use black. The term ‘black label’ typically refers to a high-end and exclusive product; many brands with a premium version of their product will distinguish this by using black labeling. 

Use premium materials

The regular card used in everyday packaging is typically unsuitable for luxury products. Instead, you should consider adding some texture and weight. This can make packaging feel higher quality and more durable, which helps to make the contents appear more precious. There are thick embossed cardstock options that have the texture of wood or stone. Alternatively, you could avoid the card altogether and consider materials like wood or metal.

Cushion the product

Cushioning is important for protecting the product, however it can also make a product more valuable. Some premium packaging solutions are lined with materials like felt or leather to add cushioning. You could even add a real cushion with a cutout for your product to sit in. 

Consider a hinged lid

Adding a lid with hinges gives off the sense of opening a treasure chest. Ring boxes are the most obvious example of packaging that uses a hinged lid, however, many other products use cases with hinged lids such as premium bottles of wine and even some fountain pens. 

Wrap in tissue paper

Wrapping a product in tissue paper is another way to protect a product from damage. However, it also adds excitement to the unboxing process by providing a sense of slow reveal. Certain types of tissue paper could also provide a multi-sensory experience – silk tissue paper can provide a luxurious velvet texture, while crumpled paper can produce an exciting rustling sound as you open it. 

Tie a ribbon

Tying a ribbon around the packaging can make it feel more like a gift. Ribbons are typically wrapped around products like chocolates and bath products to add a greater sense of luxury. Such ribbons are usually tied in a bow and can be used to help keep lids fastened. 

Use wax seals on envelopes

If you’re presenting a luxury product in an envelope (such as gift vouchers for a luxury experience) you could still add some sophistication by considering a wax seal on the envelope. Wax seal stickers are commonly associated with aristocracy and royalty, and can help to give a simple envelope a more exclusive feel. 

Spray some scent

Returning to the idea of making the unboxing process a multi-sensory experience, why not also consider spraying in a luxurious scent? Scents like lavender and sandalwood are sometimes sprayed into jewelry boxes and other luxury product packaging to enhance the premium feel. You can buy scents in small bottles to manually spray onto each product.