Employees Want Workplace - Zinny Factor

It’s in a company’s interest to invest in their employees’ happiness. After all, having a poor employee retention rate can pose significant problems for an organization. For example, it can impact the bottom line and productivity.

There’s no way to guarantee that employees will stay on board. But there are certainly ways to make it more likely. One of the more underrated ways to keep employees smiling is to put together a workplace that they like being in. There’s a big difference between a cramped, uninspiring workplace and one that inspires joy. 

Below, we’ll run through some key things that employees look for from a workplace. Make sure yours has them all, and you’ll be unlikely to lose an employee because of the office. 

Easy Access

An office could be exceptional, but if it’s not in a good location, then it’s unlikely to be a hit with your team. You don’t need to have an enviable location, but it should, at the very least, not be a poor location. So what makes a poor location? Mostly, it’s about access. Employees don’t want to spend longer than necessary traveling to and from work. It’s also helpful if it’s not in an undesirable neighborhood. 

Space to Work

People like to work in comfortable, spacious surroundings. They don’t want to feel that they’re constantly having to make space or that their desk area is overflowing with items. This usually happens when the workspace is too small for the number of employees that have to work there. If you know that you need to add more employees, then it’s usually best to upgrade to a new workplace rather than trying to squeeze everyone into your existing site. If that’s not an option, then you may consider starting a work-from-home initiative to free up some space. 

Clean and Organized

A dirty office is like a dirty home; it has a subtly corrosive impact on the employee experience. Nobody wants to feel that they’re working in an environment that’s full of dirt and grime. And that’s especially true for workers who value cleanliness. Even if you can live with a little bit of dirt, it’s best to assume that your employees can’t! You can keep your workplace clean by hiring a commercial cleaning company to do the job. Your employees will be happy to keep their desks clean, but they shouldn’t be responsible for the space as a whole.

Relaxing Spaces

A worksite that is solely dedicated to work is pretty grim. In this day and age, businesses typically incorporate relaxing spaces into the office, which ensures that workers can take a break when they need to. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy — even having a few couches in a quiet part of the building will suffice. Giving employees a place to relax also has the added benefit of enhancing the chances of staff collaboration. Plus, people prefer working in environments where they have friends. Relaxing spaces give employees a chance to talk with one another. 

What will you add to this list? Share in the comments below let’s hear from you!