Excel Work When Promotion - Zinny Factor

There are a host of reasons you might want a promotion at work. It could be that you want to give yourself a new role, you might be done with your current position and want a challenge, perhaps you’ve been there a while and deserve more responsibility, or maybe you want the paycheck that comes with it. No matter why you want to get promoted at work, sometimes you must go that little extra mile to get noticed. In this article, we take a look at some of the things you can do to excel at work when you want a promotion.

Do all you can to showcase your abilities

While you might know your abilities, if you don’t show them off, how will your employees know what you are capable of? To avoid being overlooked, showcase your skills in any way you can. If there is a project you’re all working on, work to be a team player or use your technical skills to help the task get done quicker. Where there are times you might have been quiet in the past, use this opportunity to show what you can do and how you can help the company to excel. 

Don’t be afraid to ask what needs to be done to get a promotion

Sometimes you can feel you’re doing everything that needs to be done to get a promotion at work but it’s still not happening. If you find this is the case, don’t be afraid to speak to your boss or manager and find out what exactly you can do to achieve your next step. It could be there are certain criteria you’re capable of hitting but just don’t know how to and they can guide you on just what needs to be done. You’ll hopefully find you get that promotion in no time.

Keep a positive attitude and help others

As well as being good at the physical job, a promotion might require you to be able to help and manage others. Displaying your aptitude and ability for this can assist you in your climb up the career ladder. Whether you help with sorting out the pharmacy fridges, aid someone with a task they are stuck on, or just keep morale high when people are stressed, these can all be really helpful factors. 

These are a few things you can do to help you excel at work when you want a promotion. Climbing the ranks at work can be a challenge, but once you get there, it’s super rewarding. From putting in those extra hours and just accepting it’s worth it for the rewards, to speaking to the right people and doing the extra work, these are just a few things to help you get ahead. What are some top tips you have for excelling at work when you want a promotion? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.