Most of us rode bicycles growing up but only a select few of us maintain the habit into our 20s, let alone our 30s and beyond. But is that wise? 

Sure, cycling is for kids. But it can also be a wonderful sport and hobby for adults, too. 

If you’re wondering about whether you should get back on the bike, this post is for you. It explores the questions you should be asking yourself and how to get back into two-wheel riding. 

Do You Enjoy It? 

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is whether you enjoy it. Cycling can be a fun, freeing experience once you get going, but it can also be a chore if you’re just trying to get from A to B or hit your fitness targets. 

Try experimenting to see whether cycling is something you like doing or not. You may find you prefer it more when you treat it as a treat to yourself (like a walk in the park) instead of just another pillar of your wellness routine.

Do You Want To Exercise?

You also should ask yourself whether you want or need the additional exercise. Cycling is low-impact and better than running for many people, but it might be a step too far if you’re already going to the gym every morning before work. 

Do You Want To Be More Environmentally Friendly? 

You should also ask yourself whether you want to be more environmentally friendly. For some, this is a no-brainer, but for others, it is a more complicated question. 

Cycling is better for cities and the environment as a whole because it doesn’t produce any pollution. People can zip from A to B under the power of their leg muscles (and nothing else). 

However, if that’s too much work, electric bikes are also available. These aren’t quite as environmentally friendly, but they are still vastly superior to cars and other energy-intensive forms of transportation. 

Do You Want To Deal With Maintenance? 

Dealing with maintenance can be annoying, especially if it is something you’re having to do all the time. Therefore, you’ll want to check you’re prepared to put up with it. 

All sorts of things can go wrong with bicycles, so you’ll need to be prepared. For example, the tires might go flat or the brake pads could wear out. 

You can also get metal sticking on metal if you leave your bike outside or it rusts. Taking everything apart and using anti-seize lubricant can help, but you need to be careful. Copper-containing compounds are best on aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. 

Do You Have A Helmet?

If you haven’t ridden a bicycle for a long time, you might not have a helmet. You need something that will keep you safe if a car hits you or you misjudge the height of overhanging branches. 

If cycling in cities at night, consider getting reflective clothing, lights, and reflectors for your seatpost and wheels. These will make you more conspicuous on the road.