Working from home - zinny factor

When you are working from home, from a distance it can seem like you’ve got the best of both worlds. You can keep on top of the housework and, of course, there’s no commute. But since the pandemic, there’s been a specific type of person that emerged, the person who wants to work in the office but can’t always. These people who work from home or have a hybrid working setup can certainly get work done but worry they’re not doing enough in comparison to their office-based counterparts, but also believe they’re being left out of the loop. With so many different things to be worried about, that person must get the most out of working from home, even when they don’t want to. Here are a few things to consider. 

Timing Your Energy Spikes

If there’s one major issue with working from the office, it’s that there’s very little flexibility and now there’s an interesting working setup emerging known as “chronoworking.” This refers to the practice of allowing employees to work during hours that align best with their personal chronotype, such as whether you are a morning person, a night owl, or someone who has a more erratic schedule. Because the traditional eight-hour workday is seen as outdated with 94% of workers saying they are more productive during specific times of the day, you can work to time your energy spikes and be more productive. 

Of course, there are a few things you can do to make the most of your productivity, for example, timing your caffeine intake. Lots of people benefit from the right type of caffeine because it can boost productivity and focus for remote workers, and because you can have the right type of caffeine, rather than just horrible office coffee this can be an excellent part of your morning ritual. Grinding the coffee, cleaning it with a coffee grinder brush, and making the most of quiet time before you start enjoying this coffee can all work wonders for your sense of focus, calmness, and productivity, meaning that you beat the rush and not feel so stressed in your morning commute. 

What’s more, combining this coffee with a nap, also known as a “nappuchino” or a caffeine nap, can also mean that you have the right energy spikes and you can be far more productive at home if you do it right.

Focusing More on Your Health

The big thing we need to remember when we venture into an office is that we’re not able to necessarily take control over our health. While many employers supposedly encourage people to look after their health and take breaks, the fact is that if you see others not doing this, you don’t want to be the black sheep of the office. 

When you work at home you can take those opportunities to focus more on your health. Working a specific schedule means that you are far better able to time your energy levels but also you have a far better opportunity to focus on the things that rejuvenate you. Being in an office means that we’ve got very limited time to prioritize ourselves, and this means that once a typical seven or eight-hour working day has gone, we have sat down for most of the day and not prioritized our health in the slightest. 

Doing this means scheduling the right types of foods for your lunch and preparing them as well as little bits of exercise. You don’t have to do much, because when it comes to exercise consistency beats intensity.

Focus on Results, Not Hours Worked

There is still a major debate on the concept of quality versus quantity. Many people who work from home think that they are meant to look busy, but as long as you are meeting your objectives, the amount of time that you are “busy” is not as important. 

There are still many line managers who think you need to be seen to be doing stuff, and this has to be removed from many business cultures. Part of the reason people worry when they work from home is because they think they’re supposed to be doing as much as others but they can’t see what the other people are doing. 

When you start to focus on meeting those goals this is what brings about the results for the business.

There are so many things we can do to make the most of working from home, but the key is all about being efficient with your time. Remote work provides a lot of flexibility and if you don’t like the idea of remote working, maybe you’re not viewing it from the right perspective?