Leveling up your nursing career maximizes your earning potential and opportunities for special roles. It is also necessary for improving patient care and advocating for a better industry. While many nursing carer skills and responsibilities are similar, a few unique elements can make you a more qualified professional. Here are some tips to help you advance your nursing career.

Get a mentor

Nurses often have to navigate tricky situations that a regular 9-5 worker may not understand. That said, finding a nurse mentor can prove useful in upgrading your career and avoiding burnout. Mentors can provide new nurses with the vital resources they need to navigate the multitude of options in the profession. These can range from bedside experts to managers, admin, and educators. A mentor may also link you to their professional network, which can inspire you to get your next job. One way to get a nurse mentor is to look at mentoring programs your employer or professional nursing association may offer. 

Earn a specialization certification

Earning certification in your desired nursing specialty can help advance your career, particularly if you get it through reputable organizations. Moreover, you can shift specializations throughout your nursing career. Narrowing your priorities is a good way to improve your level of expertise and get the most out of your preferred jobs. It can also add depth to your expertise and build your ability to lead others in a similar domain. Dialysis, progressive care, cardiac surgery, and adult and pediatric critical care are a few clinical specializations you can consider to advance your nursing career. If you choose to become a certified emergency medical technician (EMT), you may want to take advantage of the programs available to you. This will help you get the hang of ambulance transport services, which is an essential part of your career. 

Take on additional responsibilities

Taking on extra responsibilities is necessary when seeking promotion in the nursing field. Requesting more responsibilities proves you are capable of handling tasks with greater complexity. It will also build your skills and allow you to succeed in higher positions in the organization. However, don’t take on additional responsibilities if it will affect your health or jeopardize your work-life balance. The goal is to be productive, not burnt out. 

Search for a new employer

Internal promotions can help you advance your nursing care. However, employers may sometimes lack new opportunities. Are you finding it hard to progress with your existing employer? Now may be the right time to switch to another one that can guarantee the change you desire. Feel free to change your career path if you have achieved the highest position in your nursing field but want to seek further growth. Since nursing offers transferable healthcare skills, you can seamlessly transition to another field to upgrade your career. For instance, a pediatric nurse can advance by becoming a pediatrician.

Volunteer for a leadership role

Volunteering for leadership roles is another way to advance in nursing. Nurses can leverage leadership development opportunities via workshops and courses focusing on management, teamwork, and communication. Updating your leadership skills can pave the way to supervisory or managerial roles.