Whether you live your life by the MBTI or not, the truth of life is some of us are more introverted than others. Unfortunately many career paths have tended to favour the more extroverted, putting those of us that are more introverted at something of a disadvantage. The good news is there are some wonderful career options for introverts. Read on to find out what they are.

IT manager

To be successful in the field of IT management, professionals need to be able to listen to a client’s problem and use their technical know-how to get to the route of it. This is perfectly suited to many introverts as their observant and caring natures meet the needs of this role. 

Work tasks tend to be completed independently, in small teams, and sometimes as a freelancer that is self-employed, which can suit introverts better than in large teams or open office environments. An introvert’s ability to hyperfocus on a problem until it’s solved can also be very helpful in this line of work, especially as most businesses and organizations now rely heavily on their IT infrastructure, and cannot work without it. 

Lorry driver 

Truck driving has long been one of the most popular careers for introverts and food for a good reason. Driver opportunities offer a great rate of pay, while also allowing for a maximum amount of time alone while on the road. 

Of course, there is more to the job than merely being able to spend time alone, as good truck drivers will be patient, have good technical and navigation knowledge, and be disciplined too. 

Property management

This is great for introverts as much of the communication can be done via phone or email. You may need to visit tenants every now and again to perform checks, etc, but this can be more familiar as you will know who these people are. If property management or becoming a landlord for your property investments sounds interesting then taking a look at the information provided by Jose Batres Gonzalez could be a great way to start. 


Contrary to popular belief, it’s very likely that you will spend a considerable amount of time interacting with people. However, introverts will be pleased to know that this interaction as a whole tends to be on a one-to-one basis. 

Indeed, for those taking up a career as an academic librarian, their days will be filled with assisting students to find the books, paper and references they need, as well as teaching them how to use their library in the most effective way possible. 

Research scientist

By nature, research tends to be fairly solitary work, ideal for introverts. Although scientists do tend to work within a team, their day-to-day tasks are more likely to be individual and independent from others.  

Introverts may enjoy a research scientist position in particular because it appeals to their inquisitive natures. There are also many different fields in which to specialize from medicine to space and everything in between. 

Social media manager

You may think that a career with social in the title is not great for an introvert, but in the case of social media manager, you would be wrong. Why? Well, it’s because all the social aspect of this job is mediated through technology which means there is a buffer between the manager and the people they are interacting with. 

Additionally, good social media managers will need excellent planning and strategic skills, as well as the ability to understand what effect certain posts may have on a brand’s image and perception by the public. A task that empathic and wise introverts should excel at. 

At the end of the day most jobs will need to interact with people however, the amount of interaction differs from job to job. Understanding what aligns with your comfort level becomes ideal. Hopefully, this post has opened you up to some career options you can explore. What do you think of any of these roles?