Invest Employee Long Term - Zinny Factor

There are many reasons by which to lower staff turnover. Not only can this prevent the invested capital, time, and energy in training from effectively fleeing your firm and using that for the good of someone else, but it can aid the reputation of your brand through and through.

Of course, when someone leaves your employment, that means you have to hire someone else and the cycle has to begin again. Even those who are tremendously experienced in the job itself will need to be onboarded into your specific workflow, and that can take time and energy to get right.

So, investing in your employees for the long term is the most essential component, alongside providing worthwhile working environments and an excellent contract that benefits both parties. But what, exactly, does this process look like? Does it mean sending them to the same training seminar year after year? Or does it mean taking a proactive, balanced approach to the need of each staff member? Is that even possible between all of your other duties? Let’s discuss this topic below:

Use Them For Placements

An employee has a unique chance of development if given room to attend placements. This is because here they get the chance to express their skillset in a new environment, as an ambassador for your firm. Perhaps they’re willing to volunteer for the new premises you’re building in another country, or maybe they wish to attend your local event as a demonstrator when you show your product line there. Affording these opportunities provides on-the-job training like nothing else.

Train Them In Adjacent Skills

Adjacent skill sets can solidify and condense the knowledge and capabilities of those in your firm, giving them a chance to understand the topics surrounding their discipline more readily. For instance, allowing an IT specialist to understand all of the compliance measures involved with the latest cybersecurity requirements can help them think more laterally and work with specialist teams easily. With a service like LearningBank to help you,, you can schedule these lateral skills as part of the long-form training and journey you provide to your staff members.

Give Them Opportunities To Lead & Assign Responsibility

When you can defer authority or assign it properly, your staff members feel as if they’re trusted, and they are given room to shine. This may sound simple on the surface, but such an outcome will actually provide a thorough and necessary test for them to accomplish and can help you see who may be worthy of promotion. Moreover, trusting a staff member intending to do a great job and overseeing their efforts frees up your time too. After all, what is preferable? A team that feels capable of implementing autonomy, and a worthwhile lane of development for all your employees? Or is it better to have them all deferring to you for every little task? You can see the difference.

With this advice, you’re sure to invest in employees not only now, but for the long term, to implement real change.