Spirituality at Work - Zinny Factor

It’s been a long-held belief that there is no place for spirituality, religion, or politics in the workplace. But what about spirituality? Spirituality is a way of looking at the human condition, rather than material or physical possessions.

It looks at human meaning and purpose, the need for human connection, and whether there’s something bigger than us out there. This article is going to answer the question ‘Does spirituality have a place in the world of work?’

Spirituality Helps Promote Self Care

Spirituality has several practical applications that can help businesses promote self-care. Resources like subscriptions to Headspace can help staff practice yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. These practices are rooted in spirituality but also have practical applications for helping employees look after themselves and be more happy and productive individuals.

These tools can also help employees share resources with other colleagues. Recommendations on the best mindfulness apps and yoga practices can help staff bond and create more cohesion within teams.

Businesses that help to promote self-care automatically stand out as ones that care about their employees, promote a healthy work-life balance, and have a healthy and productive company culture. Spirituality plays a vital role in helping employees get the most out of their daily life.

Spirituality Helps Align Businesses And Employees With Their Core Values

Businesses have their own visions, goals, and core values. These are often found in employee handbooks or on a company website. Spirituality can help individuals align with their own core values, and help employees and employers better match with each other.

Working with individuals that are largely aligned with a business’s core values can boost company culture, and make the workplace a happier and more efficient place to work. It’s worth noting though that diversity of thought makes the world a stronger and more interesting place. 

Spirituality Facilitates Discussion

We all have our own concept of what it means to be alive. You might work with Christians, Hindus, Muslims, or Sikhs. Discussing spirituality with other people is a fascinating and interesting way to look at the world. It can help us learn more about that person as an individual, how they work and who they are. We spend most of our time at work, so it is an asset to learn about the people we spend most of our waking lives with.

If you’re interested in learning about different religions and spiritualities, there are many online resources that can help you with discussions. Try a Christian discipleship course online to understand more about Christian spirituality, or research any topics that come up during your discussion with colleagues.

You Can Better Understand Different Cultures With Spirituality

Understanding different cultures is a practical business tool that can help you succeed in the workplace. Spirituality governs certain social customs, working hours, and even gestures that show respect or disrespect. Studying spirituality can play a fundamental part in understanding different cultures at work. It could help you secure a contract with a new client, or work better with a colleague from a different culture.

Spirituality Can Help A Business Retain Employees

Spirituality on its most basic level is understanding what makes people feel fulfilled. Maintaining a deeper understanding of employee motivation can help you retain key employees. Workplace surveys on motivation or feedback sessions with employees can help businesses to retain top talent, and help their staff feel more fulfilled in the process. You can start to help employees develop their skills in the workplace, rather than having them go and seek them elsewhere.

Spirituality Can Help Foster Trust And Respect

Businesses with an open approach to spirituality can help to foster trust amongst employees and managers. Wouldn’t you rather that your manager understands you and how you work? Taking the time to listen to someone’s spiritual beliefs can also help to grow a relationship of mutual respect between individuals, which will ultimately help with collaboration and team building. 


Spirituality has many practical applications that make it suitable for the workplace. It helps to promote well-being in employees and create a better sense of alignment between employees and business values. It also helps facilitate healthy discussion, and foster a relationship of trust and mutual understanding at work.

Understanding spirituality will ensure that you can navigate cultural differences in a business, and can help retain talent by understanding what drives employees and gives them purpose. Finally, a business that shows an openness to spirituality will be a happier, more productive, and more fulfilling place to work.