Practical Things Entrepreneur Needs - Zinny factor

Being an entrepreneur and getting an idea up and running isn’t easy. It requires a lot; a lot of determination, a good idea, a work ethic, finance, a particular skill set, the list could go on.

While you may not be able to assist every entrepreneur with this list there are some more practical things you may be able to do or give to that budding entrepreneur you know to make their life a little bit easier, even if they don’t know it yet.


Every entrepreneur will need a space from which to work. A place of calm and serenity to brainstorm, to work uninterrupted, and to toil away into the small hours pursuing a dream. While many people may love the idea of working from their bed the reality is, it just won’t work.

To be serious in business you need to approach all aspects of it seriously, and a decent workspace is where to start. A workspace could be as simple as a dedicated table in the corner of a room or as grand as garden offices, it does not matter. It just needs to be a space that is dedicated solely to the purpose of growing and sustaining that business. 

A good bag

This is for the entrepreneur who will be in and out of meetings and on the move. Carrying laptops, paperwork, and accessories around all day is no mean feat and will only be harder if they do not have a decent bag to carry them in. Investing in a strong, durable, and fashionable bag is a great gift for any entrepreneur. 


On the same token and abundance of power is just as essential. Technology can do great things for businesses and entrepreneurs but if that tech is out of power they are out of business. So to ensure an entrepreneur is never caught short then investing in multiple chargers and travel packs is a great idea. 

Multi-purpose drinks bottle

Sometimes life as an entrepreneur can be so demanding that they might fail to stop and even take a drink. Multi-purpose drinks bottles can be a great idea, bottles that can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold will mean that every entrepreneur can take a drink as and when they need it. What is more, these reusable drinks bottles help to reduce the user’s carbon footprint and can even save them money. 


Being an entrepreneur is all-consuming. Entrepreneurs will find it hard to switch off and will be on the go all day every day. However, this is not always healthy and can have adverse consequences on their health and wellbeing. It is essential therefore that entrepreneurs are encouraged to take a little time off, or respite from the daily and unrelenting grind.

Enjoying some downtime could be as simple as going for a run or a meal out with friends. Wherever relaxation is found it should be encouraged. 

What do you think about these points?