Job Interview - Zinny Factor

So here’s the deal, you have an impressive resume and extensive experience, making you the best candidate for a specific job. What’s next? At this point, there’s only one thing left to do-ace your work interview.

It’s easy to learn how to create a resume, but many candidates can’t seem to ace their job interviews. The reason? They did not prepare for their interview. Adequate preparation is the key to ensuring that you get the position you like. It’s not just about being relaxed and confident; it’s also about showing who you are as a person.

Here’s what you need to do to ensure that you ace your next interview.

The Perfect Timing

You may not have the right to choose the time for the interview, but just in case you do, try to schedule it on a mid-week day. Why? It’s because it’s not Friday or Monday, where everyone’s trying to get to work early in the morning.

The timing is critical to ensure that you come to your interview prepared and not late. If you have ample time to prepare for the interview, you will arrive earlier than other applicants, giving you extra points as a candidate.

Make Sure to Practice

If you have ever been on a job interview, you probably already know about the possible questions you will encounter. Make sure to practice your answers with utmost honesty. However, make sure to practice questions related to the position you’re applying for.

Think of your skills and attributes that make you the perfect candidate for the role you like. List down the things that make you distinctive, and be sure to mention those things during the interview.

Be Prepared

It doesn’t matter if it’s your initial interview with HR; come prepared. Bring a few copies of your resume, a portfolio (if needed), a pen, and a pad. Now that most interviews are done online due to the change the pandemic has brought, you can have this up on your screen as well to refer to. It would also be wiser to prepare some questions you’d like to ask.

Check Your Credentials

Before applying for a specific position, ensure that you have the qualifications it requires. In most cases, job postings include the skills, educational attainment, and experience needed to excel in the position.

But that’s not all you need to worry about. Companies these days also tend to background-check their employees. They check to see if they have no pending legal cases or disparity with their previous employers. Sometimes, they also assess their credit report, especially if the position is related to finance.

Turn Off Your Devices

Distractions are big turn-offs during job interviews. Before you enter the company premises, turn off your cellphone or put it in silent mode. Avoid checking your notifications while you’re waiting for your interview, as it may distract you while the conversation is ongoing.

Don’t Forget:An Interview Is a Conversation

Take the interview seriously but try to talk with caution. During the conversation, there will be times when you will speak and times for you to listen. Before answering questions, take a few seconds to think about your answer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have concerns as well. However, try not to interrupt the interviewer while they are speaking.

Stay Mindful of Your Body Language

Gestures play a vital role in interviews. In the beginning, sit back in the chair, and as the conversation gets more interesting, lean forward a little. Nod your head as you listen, and be sure to use hand gestures when you speak. Keep your feet planted on the ground. Be confident but make sure not to look arrogant. It’s all about knowing how you look when you make specific movements.

Ask Wise Questions

Often, interviewers will ask applicants if they have any questions or concerns. Prepare your questions the night before and make sure that they are related to the position you like. If possible, ask the interviewer about the company and if he enjoys his time with the company.

As much as possible, don’t ask questions about salary or benefits unless the interviewer is discussing them.

Show Gratitude

Make it a habit to say thank you after every job interview you finish. Reach out to the interviewer and show your gratitude by sending a simple text or email stating how nice it was to meet them and that you are looking forward to speaking again soon.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new employee or an expert in the industry. Interviews will always be a big deal. And passing the interview can be a significant game changer in your career. Follow the mentioned tips above on your next interview to land your dream job!