Corporate Retreat Ideas - Zinny Factor

One of the worst things that employees can hear in a business is that they are going to be heading to a corporate retreat with their colleagues to ‘have fun and get to know each other’. Ice breakers, they call them, and everyone has the feeling of dread when they come up.

Is it that people hate their colleagues? Absolutely not. The thing is, not everyone enjoys going to work; it’s something we do for money and to be able to live and buy things. 

The idea of being put together with people we spend our days with is not always the most fun idea, but there are good ideas out there for retreats that do exist, and they don’t have to suck, either. From corporate days learning how to bake with Truffle Nation to going on a Vegas weekend, businesses everywhere can do more to appeal to their employees.

Corporate retreats may seem like a boring idea, but they really don’t have to be and we’ve got some of the best corporate ideas that aren’t going to be hated by the masses. Let’s take a look!

Get a booking going for an escape room

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere right now and these puzzle rooms are popular for a good reason. These can be high tech experiences but they’re designed for everyone to get together, think together and solve the puzzle in a time limit of usually an hour. They’re a challenge, and they’re something that everyone can enjoy no matter their experience levels with the escape rooms before. 

Book a themed dinner for your corporate retreat

There are plenty of options out there for themed evening meals, and if you don’t want to do a whole weekend away, pay to feed! A meal out together is going to be so much more fun than anything else because if the company isn’t to your taste, at least the food will be good. Make sure that as long as you’ve booked a themed meal, it comes with a show. It’s fun, there’s delicious food and cocktails – what more could people want. 

Host a trivia night

If you want to have a little fun and get people to loosen up, host a trivia night to get people thinking and you’ll see how well people settle into the idea of having fun together. If you want to step it up a notch, consider adding a beer or wine tasting session in at the same time. The losers per round can buy the best drinks, too. 

Company picnic, anyone? It’s a nice idea because everyone can get involved here, but a company picnic is the ultimate thing to do every summer with your business. You can mix and mingle with your colleagues and it’s a great way to get everyone together. You could get everyone to bring in a dish of something, too, and when you do you can experience other cuisines and cultures, too.

Corporate retreats can be a day together or a weekend, either way, you can choose somewhere that people will enjoy!