If you ask any student what is the worst thing about managing a university project, you can guarantee that the vast majority will say when things start to get out of control. 

There is nothing worse than feeling like a project is smooth and that everything is under control, only to be met with numerous change requests from your professor, which have come completely out of the blue. 

Before you know it, you have serious scope creep, which can take hours and hours of your time. Keeping that in mind, continue reading for some top tips regarding how to prevent your university projects from getting out of control. 

Be dynamic – 

Be dynamic, especially when working with a team. This is a person that is willing to adapt for goals to be achieved. On the other hand, you have passive people, which is when you are simply told what to do; you don’t offer your views in return. You need to be a dynamic student, so that you can collaborate with the professor and other students, and so that you have the ability to be critical of their ideas so you can all achieve more.

By building this relationship, you will be able to challenge their suggestions or tweak them, if required. If you have a passive relationship with studying, you won’t extract much and you will find yourself always catering to change requests.

Know when to say no

You need to know when to say no. You need to know when a request is unreasonable and cannot get the green light. For example, if you are volunteering for the student paper to supplement your media degree, it is not reasonable to expect you to take on most of the paper because everyone else is too busy with their own degrees. What about your degree and education? You also need to know when to say no in terms of helping others with their own projects. 

Communicate regularly

Over-communication can actually be one of the best ways to control scope creep when working on uni projects. If you have not communicated with the lecturer effectively throughout the classes, and they have an enhancement or change they want to make to your recent project, it is going to have a much bigger impact on you.

However, if you have kept the teacher updated and engaged on the status of your project regularly, he or she will be more receptive to your ideas and they will not want to take you off your path. After all, teachers may assume your quietness is because you have not really got started anyway. A course like Prince2 certification online can help you to communicate well.

If you follow the three tips that have been presented above, you can give yourself the best chance of keeping your university projects in control and ensuring you remain on the path to success. We hope that this helps you when juggling uni life.