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Businesses that don’t have a good organizational structure, don’t last long or they go through a period of tumultuous reform. Case in point, Boeing is going through this very thing. The company has had a breakdown in accountability and the organization is lacking in every department.

The key to this might be that the organizational employees, i.e. the admins need to be taken more seriously. Yet again, this role is being looked at through a microscope as CEOs and experts alike, are in dire need of good administrative professionals.

But what can this sort of mindset give you in life? What kind of career and achievements can you earn if you were to take up an admin role?

Working in healthcare

Healthcare is an industry that many people feel very protective over. They want their health to be taken absolutely seriously and not just an opportunity to turn a buck. This is why many healthcare companies employ health admins that can make their business run efficiently and productively. This can lessen waiting times in doctors surgeries, hospitals, and private healthcare clinics. But, what’s the best route to this kind of role?

We believe that having joined this master’s in health administration program is clearly in the top 5 options. You will learn how to do the following things

  • Financial management. You aren’t expected to be a top financial expert, but you will be in charge of keeping the department or the organization’s finances in good order, day to day. 
  • The organizational structure is also something you must keep in tip-top shape. In other words, if a department is becoming too bureaucratic and over-filled with too many employees, then you will need to restructure and reorganize it.
  • You’ll learn great research methods, which will help you to find the best way to study and report, find out more about the business’ internal problems, and helping managers become more effective.
  • You’ll also learn about the legal and ethical practices that a good responsible healthcare business uses in order to comply with the law and also take good care of its patients.

Working in Canary Wharf

London has been widely accepted as the financial center of the world. Even though Manhattan in New York is one of the most important financial hubs in the world, something about Canary Wharf keeps dragging people from around the world to its clutches. One of the reasons is that it’s so diverse in its professions. Businesses, banks, legal firms, economic think tanks, and policy houses, are all so close together. Nowhere else in the world, are financial services and legal firms, positioned so close to each other. As an admin professional, you would fit right in, as businesses, banks, law firms, and more, all want to have the best organizational structures.

In the City of London, the average admin salary is £32,000. This is the average salary of the UK worker but, a profession that has a lot of upscaling opportunities, this is quite reasonable. The upper admin jobs can give you a salary of £45,000 with benefits. Obviously, these are in the traditional admin departments. If you are able to be promoted into the C-suite as an admin professional, you can easily knock on the door to a six-figure salary.

Admins in policy think tanks

Various policy roles are available for admins. There are different types of think tanks that specialize in research and policy recommendations. There are any number of think tanks you could work for, ranging from:

  • Political think tanks
  • Business policy in industries and sectors
  • Risk policy in risk analysis and management
  • Policy research in climate change
  • Developments of policy in war and human rights
  • Policy forming in public health

The key to getting a job in these sorts of firms is to demonstrate you have been able to make a great impact in policy matters in an organization. So you should seek a research role in the policy analysis department or team in the current business you work for or apply for this type of role. If you have a good experience and would like to apply for a think tank, having a good portfolio of research or projects you worked in, would greatly help your chances of being selected.

Working in an admin role is a brilliant way to impact on a business. CEOs are continually trying to improve their companies from the inside so they can be more effective in competing with rivals and switching into a higher gear overall.

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*This is a collaborative post.