Neglecting Your health Workplace - Zinny Factor

This may come as a shock: Desk jobs can significantly shorten your life expectancy. It is time for a wake-up call. Your workplace can affect your physical and mental health in ways you may not realize.

Indoor air quality, for instance, can be a source of worries. Did you know that the office air could be dirtier than the air in the street? Just because you can’t see pollution and harmful particles, it doesn’t mean they are not there. Heavy workload is another common issue that can contribute to damaging your work/life balance.

Overworked professionals feel isolated from any supportive network, either friends or relatives. They are also more vulnerable to burnout and nervous breakdown. Unfortunately, as an employee, both air quality and workload are out of your control.

With the rise in working from home, it’s even more important to take your health seriously. However, there are healthy choices that you can make for yourself to make your experience of the workplace healthier. 

The lack of physical activity can kill

What does a typical workday look like? Most people admit that they work longer hours, starting early in the morning and finishing late at night. As a result, they tend to lead an inactive lifestyle, too tired to exercise after work. Every year, 5 million deaths are linked to sedentary life choices.

It is fair to say that getting motivated after a long day in the office can be tricky. But that’s precisely why we need more health coachs to make people accountable for their health decisions. Health coaches can help introduce a regular schedule for physical activities that are suited to each fitness level. 

Too much stress saturates emotions

The workplace can be a hectic environment where egos and hierarchy clash. Sometimes, the quality of your performance doesn’t matter. When managers are pressed for time, the person who shouts the loudest or who makes themselves visible at the expense of others could receive more attention.

Even when a manager is fair, that doesn’t eliminate how stressful deadlines and meetings can be. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re always running without getting anywhere.

Meditation and yoga can help regain your emotional balance and connect with your inner voice. But, if meditation isn’t your thing, creating a personal blog could give you the space you need to explore your thoughts. A blog can be a useful tool to promote your expertise. But you can also consider creating a blog to discuss your personal experience. As we rarely ask ourselves how we feel, blogging can be a therapeutic tool in a hectic career. 

A cup of coffee doesn’t resolve tiredness

If you wake up feeling tired, there’s only one thing to know: You’re not sleeping enough. Unfortunately, more and more adults are struggling to sleep more than 6 hours a night. Unfortunately, coffee may make you feel alert, but it doesn’t cure the health imbalance caused by sleep deprivation. Longer work hours, stress, and prolonged screen time are some of the main sleep robbers. It can be helpful to introduce a bed routine that helps you relax. You can wake up feeling energized for once! 

Can we transform the workplace for the better? It is an unfair question to ask. We can’t blame businesses for damaging our health when we make bad decisions. Without a doubt, the workplace creates a mindset that contributes to neglecting your health. But it’s time to wake up and take back control! 

*This is a collaborative post.