Tips Jump Start Career 2020

Saying that the first half of 2020 has been challenging would be a euphemism, and things don’t look like they will start to even out soon. However, life goes on for the professionals looking at switching careers and neo-grads in desperate needs of diving into their first job.

Because, of course, there have been challenges, but there are also shiny opportunities out for grabs! Launching a career in the year of a pandemic, travel restrictions, working from home, and social distancing measures can be intimidating, but it will also be rewarding – to say the least!

Set your goals wisely

It is undeniable that the world, just like the job market, is changing. The predetermined path of going to college, finding a high-paying job, and buying a house can be considered as gone out of the window (for now). Yet, adapting is surviving!

Finding your next career opportunity has just become a much more intricate adventure, but wisely setting your goals is just as crucial as always. Only, this year your goals might not look like the ones you had in mind just a few months ago. 

Applying for an entry-level position or apprenticeship might not be an option, and you might still have to wait a few months before moving for your dream job. In the meanwhile, improving your knowledge and learning new skills can be just as valuable investments of your time and energy as job-searching. 

Invest in knowledge 

As the job market evolves, most professionals and graduates need to learn how to change their mindset to adapt quickly to the new situation. While college and work experiences might have shaped a specific mind frame, now it is up to you to find out what skills you need to stay competitive in the new environment. 

Luckily, there is an endless choice of courses and training opportunities online that can do the trick. While in isolation, invest in such courses, even if it means calling off a movie-marathon for one night! Once the lockdown is over, you will benefit from more skills and knowledge than you thought you’d have.

Get connected

Building a career from scratch in such a harsh environment can be time- and energy-consuming, and probably won’t lead to the results you had hoped to see. Networking events might not take place for the next few months, but this should not be an excuse to lean on the “pause” button on your career. Instead, leverage the power of social media platforms and get in touch with industry professionals.

If you are still looking for guidance and help, make the most of a PR agency or career coach. For lawyers to be, for example, the services of agencies such as Elite Lawyer Management can increase your brand’s visibility and help you jump-start your career!

Go remote

Remote working is not a fad destined to fade off in a few months. Oppositely, it might have reshaped the way we conduct business and create new companies. While you might have always dreamed of covering a precise role in a precise company, there are remote working opportunities that are unmissable. Considering this option can open up a new landscape of choices.

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*This is a collaborative post.