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It can be challenging to understand where you fit in tech or where the tech jobs are. Some people who don’t want to code feel confused about how to get into the tech space.

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However, one question we receive is: where are the tech jobs in Canada?

There are many locations across the country where you can find the tech job of your dreams, but for this post, we will focus on major cities and what you can expect. Sector-focused blogs are also good sources of information, such as Energy Innovation Capital when looking for a tech career in energy or automation.

1. Toronto

Toronto consistently beats the competition when it comes to Canada’s tech sector. Since the city is in the country’s financial capital with the headquarters of the Big Five banks and other multinationals, Toronto appears to be the destination for many innovative tech enthusiasts and professionals.

However, you may not want to reside in Toronto for a number of reasons which could include the high competition in the job market or high cost of living.

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Provincial governments throughout Canada are realizing that a thriving tech sector is important for economic prosperity so they’re providing avenues for funding and seeking out partnerships with universities as well as venture capitalists in order to encourage startup ecosystems and tech hubs.

This explains why there are a number of startups and several entrepreneurs deciding to start their tech business in cities outside of Toronto which in turn provides job opportunities for others.

There are a number of roles you’ll find in Toronto like Software Developer/ Programmer/ Engineer, QA Engineer, Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, etc.

Below, we’ll now look into other cities outside of Toronto.

2. Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario beautifully takes advantage of its proximity to Toronto to improve its tech sector. A number of companies whether US-based or not have a presence in this area like Google and the University of Waterloo also helps with this. There is also the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC)  which is a scientific research institute at the University of Waterloo.

The University of Waterloo is most famous for its co-operative education (co-op) programs, which allow the students to integrate their education with applicable work experiences. This helps with students gaining experience even while still studying, so you can imagine how prepared for the workforce they become after their studies.

The cost of living is generally low so even though the median salary may seem low in comparison to Toronto, it can make for a good place to live.

3. Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to tech sectors across Canada and the whole of North America. The city is quickly becoming a global leader in blockchain, health and life sciences, AR and VR, gaming, and more.

The government equally had a hand in proving US tech companies opportunities for opening offices in Canada making Vancouver one of Canada’s primary tech hubs.

British Columbia’s tech workforce is fast-growing, with more than 150,000 people employed in technology with competitive salary. Examples of jobs here are Cloud Architect, Software Developer, etc.

Even though the high cost of living has made a number of millennials leave the city as they can no longer afford the housing, it looks like the problems may get addressed sooner than later. Another option you may consider is to live outside the city if possible to reduce your expenses.

4. Montreal

With the growing rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, growing tech graduates, and favorable tax incentives as well as companies like Ubisoft, Montreal is becoming a tech hub. In fact, Quebec is the primary producer of video games in Canada.

Job roles include Computer Support, Database & Systems, Information System Managers, Software Developers and Programmers, User Experience (UX) jobs, and more.

5. Saskatoon

Times are changing for Saskatoon as a thriving center for tech innovation. For example, Coconut Software currently has over 50 employees divided more or less equally between Saskatoon and Toronto.

Check out this article for more information on the tech sector in Saskatoon.

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