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If you are not happy with your career, or you think that you could be capable of more, then looking for some ways to improve things and make some changes is important. When you spend on average nine hours a day at work, you want to spend that time doing something that you enjoy and find rewarding.

Being good at something is great, but being truly satisfied at something is something completely different. To get to where you want to be, though, you need to work hard in order to find a job that is going to do all things for you, as well as be able to prove to an employer that you are the person for the job. 

To help you to be able to boost your employability, then here are some proven ways that you can increase your career prospects, and get your dream role as a result.

Build your communication skills

If you want to improve your career and your prospects, especially over time, then improving your communication skills in the workplace is something that is so important. Being a strong communicator will mean that you can speak clearly, with confidence, and get your message across, whether that is in person, on a call, or on a video call. Good communication is also a must when it comes to job interviews too, so it can benefit you in various aspects. 

Improve your networking skills

A lot of people can land their dream job because of great skills in networking, and getting help from people that they know. Word of mouth, as well as access to social media can be a big help and be pretty influential when it comes to expanding your career prospects. When you are able to build up relationships with people in your industry, then you will increase your knowledge, and expand your horizons.

When you network, you never know who you may be helping you directly with advice, or who you could indirectly get help from when someone puts in a good word about you to a contact. So it can be a really important step to make an effort to increase how well you network, as well as how often. 

Take a course

If you want to develop your skills then it will make you seem much more appealing to potential employers. Taking a course or getting a new qualification, even if you are already working, can help you to expand your knowledge and as a result, help your marketability.

It could be something like a masters in design engineering or an online course that is specific to the career path that you want to be on. It could be something like a computer course, that is a little more generic. Getting more qualifications is good for your resume, and is good for your future career.  

These things are just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to helping you to improve your employability, but they are good places to start. What will you look to change or improve, first?

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