How to Stay Out Rut Entrepreneur - Zinny Factor

Many of our most ill-advised decisions, in life and in business as an entrepreneur, come as the result not of being under pressure or desperate, but out of something resembling boredom.

Trying to do something remarkable to shake us out of the rut that we are stuck in, we take our eye off the ball for a moment and do something out of character – and it can have widespread implications.

Knowing this to be the case, it is important then to have two golden rules that you abide by as far as possible.

  1. Don’t make risky decisions because you’re stuck in a rut.
  2. Don’t get into the rut in the first place.

It’s one thing to resolve to always make the sensible decision when faced with a lag in excitement, or an absence of challenge, but it’s quite another to actually make that decision. However, if you can make sure that your entrepreneur journey is always interesting and always challenging, you will find that it has a beneficial impact on every business decision you make.

Be on the lookout for collaboration opportunities

Any entrepreneur will be familiar with the concept of being a lone wolf, who can make speedy decisions and get things done because they only have to please themselves, but as you gain more experience you’ll find yourself in more and more roles where it is necessary to consider things more.

The best preparation for that is to seek opportunities to collaborate with other entrepreneurs you respect; having to compromise here and there can offer valuable lessons on how to make big decisions in future. What’s more, as explains, it can help you grow your business.

Never stop learning; you’ll never know everything

As we get older, it is common for us as humans to fall back on our experience and let that be our guide in everything. However, if we are making decisions based on what worked for us in the past, there is always a risk of confirmation bias; it makes much more sense to acknowledge that there is always more you could know.

Be an autodidact and learn more every day; use resources like to gain additional qualifications, and round out your understanding of business and the world – your business will thrive as a result and your decision-making will benefit.

Seek a humanitarian outlet

If your business is picking up and you’re seeing a healthy return in the bottom line, then it’s OK to give yourself a high-five and bask in the success; we start businesses because we want to become successful. With that said, once you’ve seen a lot of benefit from your business, it’s always wise to consider how your business could benefit others.

Whether that is through a charitable foundation, or through a hiring policy that sees your company reach out to the disadvantaged, or one of many other ways you can put something back, take the chance to add an ethical strand to your business decisions. Remembering those less fortunate is a key way to ensure that you really think about the big picture.

If your business life is always interesting, rich and diverse, then you won’t need to find ways to make it more thrilling – and you can concentrate on remaining at the top of your game.

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