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According to a report by Catalyst, the contribution by gender to the workforce is almost equal. Women constitute almost half of the workforce, which seems to indicate that gender has seized being an issue for professionals. 

However, statistics for tech employment reveal a much different picture of the working world. Indeed, according to a report by Adeva IT, women only hold a quarter of the jobs in the tech industry. While the first explanation would be the consequences of the gender gap and how women lack education support to move to a STEM field, it would be inaccurate.

Indeed, more and more efforts and investments are made at an education and employment level to encourage women into a tech career. Perhaps, it is time to consider other potential factors that create a male-dominated technology environment. 

They want to know their employer

It’s odd to think that at the age of hyper-communication and digital media, some companies still fail to share their vision, culture, and values with their target audience. However, it is, unfortunately, a common issue with tech businesses. If you consider your typical tech company site, chances are that you’ll find very little about the brand’s mission and social engagement. While many promote their services, products, and expertise at great length, they fail to give potential job applicants an overview of what it’s like to work inside the company.

As a result, candidates who want reassurance about their individual recognition within the company – such as many women in tech roles – can be discouraged. The tech industry needs more companies such as Microsoft or TSMC, which share their values and mission actively through events, employment fares, conferences, etc. In other words, a blog post isn’t enough to promote your culture. People want to see if you are who you say you are. 

They have important values

Everybody has values they are not ready to sacrifice for their career. Many women in the tech field want to be able to manage their family interests and career at the same time. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for tech companies to promote a healthy work/life balance. However, failure to embrace modern work arrangements and perks that allow their employees to spend more time with their families can have negative repercussions on the female workforce.

It’s not uncommon for women in tech companies to quit their job when they start a family. While many choose to rejoin when their children are older, they are unlikely to hold the same roles as pre-pregnancy. Indeed, taking a break in technology has destructive effects on your career path. 

They lack parental support

Schools and universities have empowered girls to embrace science. However, school efforts are pointless when parents are unsupportive. Indeed, parents who don’t share their daughter’s interests or had already planned their daughter’s career can destroy the chances of seeing more women in tech in the near future. Family expectations are a huge obstacle for talented girls. 

Women only make up 25% of the tech workforce. If we are going to tackle gender differences in this field, we need to understand what prevents women from shining in tech. Lack of culture sharing, dynamic work solutions, and parental support can hinder their progression in technology. While it’s not to say that there is no such thing as a gender gap, it’s also fair to look at the NUMEROUS obstacles to women’s growth. 

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