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The job market is a competitive place and applying for jobs can be tough. Getting to interview alone can feel impossible sometimes, so you need to make sure your resume stands out. More people are applying for the same jobs in most industries, and you’re likely to be up against people with very similar qualifications and experience.

Your resume needs to push you above these people so the person hiring can see why you should be the one they bring in to interview. Here’s how to make your resume stand out from the crowd. 

Tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for

A generic resume that goes to all employers isn’t likely to stand out to the recruiter. A recruiter wants to see that you’ve read their job listing and know exactly how you fit the criteria of the employee that they’re looking for. With each application, you should tailor your resume to showcase your relevant skills and experience. Have a base CV and make some tweaks to it before you send it out to show what your value is for this particular role. Show off the skills that will make you the perfect fit. 

Use industry keywords

Many recruiters get a lot of applications every day, which unfortunately means that they don’t always read every application fully. Instead, they may use a filtering system to scan your resume for industry keywords that they’re looking for in the role. 

Use a header

Include your name, contact details and the specific position you’re applying for. This makes it easy for a recruiter to find your information at a glance, grabs their attention and helps to make the resume look polished. 

Back up your skills

The section that lists your skills is one of the most important on your resume. Focus on the skills that are the most impressive to an employer, but don’t just list them. Instead, back them up with proof. Don’t just say that you helped to increase sales at your last job with your marketing strategies, say how much sales have increased. Don’t just say you have impressive written communication skills, back the claim up with results from english tests. Use metrics to back up your skills to a recruiter who can see what results you can bring to a new job. 

Tell a story to show your growth

Use your resume as a way to showcase your experiences, accomplishments, and skills, but you can also use it to show off how you’ve grown throughout your career. How have your skills developed as you’ve changed positions? Show off your growth and bag an interview. 

Add a cover letter

In many cases, if a job application asks for a resume, many people will send just a resume. To stand out, you should go the extra mile and send a cover letter as well. A cover letter gives you more space to supplement your resume and expand on your skills. Taking the extra time looks good to a recruiter as well as making you sure you can shout about your skills effectively to secure an interview. 

What are your thoughts? We have a Resume template you can download for free.

*This is a collaborative post.