Nailing Job Interview - Zinny Factor

You’ve worked so hard to learn how to sit in an interview and respond to a future employer. You’ve taken courses, adjusted your resume and you’ve worked with mentors to nail down those interview techniques – the time for a job interview has come! It’s a significant day and can make a huge difference to your future.

The first interview is a big step – it is also possible that this won’t be the only interview in the process. It’s the time that you take to show your ability to fit into a new environment. It’s also the time that you use to prove what you can offer to a business.

Don’t forget that when you go for a job interview, you are going to be assessing the employer, too. You’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to make a good impression on them! With the five tips below, you can nail your job interview and come away with a brand new start.

  1. Dress the Part. An appointment with Mohan’s Custom Tailors for a brand new suit will not go amiss before an interview. The way that you dress DOES make a difference to whether you will be hired for a role. You want to project a professional image, and you can do that with a carefully tailored suit or dress.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect. Get a friend or relative to quiz you on some interview questions and help you to smooth out your answers to those questions. This can give you confidence in your answers, which will reflect in the interview!
  3. Take Notes. During an interview, your future employer will be impressed with the fact that you are taking notes on what they are saying. It shows a commitment to the position in the future and it means that you are taking the interview stages seriously. This can make a difference in whether you are offered the role, and it’s also a good way to ensure that you can ask all the questions you want to ask! Speaking of which…
  4. Ask Questions. When you’re in an interview, you will have questions about the company and the role itself. This is your chance to assess whether this really is the job for you, what your future could be and whether they are good people to work for.
  5. Don’t Be Late. This should be a given, but you’d be surprised by how many people are late for a job interview. This is unprofessional and whether you are a naturally late person or not, all you’re showing is that your time is more important than theirs. So, account for travel chaos, traffic, train delays and someone puking on the train. Leave an hour earlier than you usually would and if you’re early to the interview, find a nearby coffee shop for a ten-minute coffee.

Your job interview is going to make or break your future – make sure you are on time, well-dressed and ready for anything! You’ve got this! What do you think of these tips? Remember to subscribe to the blog for regular updates and exclusive information.

*This is a collaborative post.