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Making a career change is a step that’s both brave and challenging. When something doesn’t feel right within your career- you’ll just know. Perhaps you took your current role as a stop-gap? Maybe you pursued this role, but the reality of the work didn’t match your expectations? Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling unmotivated and on the wrong path, it’s likely that a change is in order. For those looking to get started, there are a few steps you can take to help you on your way. 

Determine your skill set

First things first, before you can make a career change, you need to be clear on what you have to offer. If you don’t know what you have to offer, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to decide which direction is best for you. Figure out the skills that you’ve acquired in your current role, plus the skills you’ve gained from any previous roles. Make a list and determine which of these skills you enjoyed putting into practice.

While you’re at it, try to determine what your passions are. When you’re performing the same duties day in and day out, it’s easier to stay motivated if your role is passion-driven. Whether it’s politics, nature or future technologies; figure out what matters to you. From your skills and your passions, you can brainstorm potential new careers which you would enjoy and be suitable for.

Proper research

Finding a new career relies upon proper research of each of your options. List out each career that you are considering, write down the steps you’d need to take to achieve each one. Research the employability and the cost of qualifications vs earning potential. Find out if the career is future proof; are there likely to be plenty of opportunities within this field in the future? How many aspects of this career are becoming automated and is this likely to continue? Is the route into the career financially viable for your current situation? If not, are there any funding opportunities that you can apply for? Thorough research that answers these kinds of questions should set you up to make a well-informed decision. With proper research, your career change will start to feel more achievable. 

Career journal

Starting a career journal can be a great move to help you progress. Write down the career you are aiming for and then break the process into short-term goals. Take little steps each day toward these goals and record your efforts. One day you might make progress by research, another day by finding an appropriate volunteering opportunity. You might better your knowledge of the industry by reading an inspirational book or attending a seminar. You could also attend a networking event in an attempt to gain some contacts. During this process, it can be useful to seek a mentor. Reach out to someone who is well established within the career that you seek and ask them for some advice and pointers. 

Get studying for a career change

Often, a career change will involve taking a particular course to qualify. Decide whether studying online or in-person would be better suited to your current lifestyle. When you study online, you don’t have to restrict your learning to specific colleges due to location. However, you may be someone who thrives more in a group environment. Stautzenberger College offers some great courses, both on-campus or online. Whatever you’re looking for, from animal sciences to business courses; get studying to be well on the way to your career change.

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