Career That Helps Others - Zinny Factor

So, you want to build a career that really helps others. Good for you! It takes guts to go for a career that might not be the ‘fanciest’ or even the highest paid, but one that makes a difference in the lives of those who need it. Here, you’ll find some advice on the careers you could go for. It may take time, but you can be sure that it’ll be worth it in the end! 


A career as a teacher will help you to lead a group of students as they develop and grow. You can do this in primary and secondary schools, but you could also choose to work with adults or those with disabilities. 


Becoming a doctor allows you to see the effect you have on each person and their family directly. You could even get involved in medical research for a wider impact. You could be somebody who works on finding cures for diseases! 

Social Work

As a social worker, you’ll work with individuals and families who need support. It’ll be your job to help these people live as independently as possible. 


There are many psychology careers. You could become a marriage counselor, a therapist, or even a life coach. You could help people with aspects of their physical health, such as quitting smoking, or help those with brain injuries. There’s a lot of choice in a field like this. 


Nurses can work in many settings, such as gp surgeries, assisting surgeons, or visiting people in their own homes. You could work with adults, children, or even babies. 

Other Healthcare Careers

There are numerous careers in healthcare you could go for. Your specialty could be hearing, oncology, podiatry, or something else that interests you. You could look into well-regarded RCFE administrator classes if you’re interested in assisted living education. The healthcare career you choose all depends on who it is you’d like to help. 

The Emergency Services

You could join the police, ambulance service, or fire and rescue service. These roles are very active and no two days will be the same. There are various entree routes, and some may require a degree, while others do not. 


Working in law could be a good choice – for example, you could work helping children who are at risk of abuse or neglect. 


Working with a charity could be an idea, as you can find charity work with both people and animals- Andrew Ticknor has some good advice on how to go about this. You could get out into the field and put your energy toward helping people in need, or you could do your work from an office. Maybe you’ll be a campaigner or fundraiser.

Starting Your New Career

Starting your new career may require you to go back into education and get a degree or at least extra qualifications. You may be able to do this online, depending on the role. Get advice from people who have already done it and figure out the best route forward for you. Meet people at events, speak to people on LinkedIn, and see if somebody will meet you for a chat. You never know who you might meet! 

*This is a collaborative post.