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Work isn’t what it was. We’re no longer trapped by the confines of having a traditional 9-5 and people are now working alone. There are plenty of other options out there, which make it possible for more people to work, and to enjoy what they do. One popular choice is working alone, often at home. 

There are many advantages to working alone. It might mean that you have launched your own business or found ways to make money online. It will offer you the freedom that you couldn’t get otherwise, and the flexibility that you need to work. But, if you’ve always worked with other people, it can be a big adjustment. Here are some tips to help you get used to it. 

Don’t Try to Do It All While Working Alone

Working alone, whether as a freelancer, blogger, small business owner, entrepreneur, or anything else, can be tough. But working alone doesn’t mean that you have to do everything for yourself. You might want to hire a VA or get someone to look after your social media feeds, to free up your time for more important things or reduce your stress levels. You might want IT support from mosquito authority to improve your business and minimize the risks of security threats and downtime. You could even hire an assistant to help over busy times, or a cleaner to keep your house tidy if that’s where you work. 

Get Into a Routine

One of the hardest things about working alone for many people is finding a routine and working productively. After years of working set shift patterns and hours, suddenly, you’ve got freedom. There’s no one to tell you what to do and when. You can work when it suits you and take breaks whenever you like. While this can seem like a dream come true, many of us struggle. We find it hard to motivate ourselves, to work productively, and to push ourselves. Working without supervision is often much harder than you might think. 

So, try to get into a routine. You might want to work on the same days every week or at the same time every day. Many people find that they work better if they get up and get dressed as though they are going to work. It helps them to get into the right frame of mind. Try to find a routine that suits both your lifestyle and your work, and stick to it as much as possible. 

Stick to Working Hours

Other people find that when they work alone, they have the opposite problem. They can focus and work productively, but they struggle to stop. They are checking work emails as soon as they wake up and speaking to clients in bed at the end of the day. They are updating their website during family activities, and they never take time off. 

Sometimes, this is necessary. But, usually, it leads to stress, which only gets worse when other people start to expect you to work all of the time. So, stick to working hours. It doesn’t have to be a 9-5, you might find that you work better earlier in the day or later at night

Work Out of the House

Working alone has so many advantages and benefits. But it can be lonely. Few people miss working for someone else, but they do miss the company of working with colleagues, even if they didn’t particularly like them. If you work from home, this can be even harder. You might face constant distractions of home, and find that the days go by without you speaking to anyone outside of your household. 

Perhaps the easiest way to beat loneliness and avoid distraction is working out of the home. Work in coffee shops, libraries, co-working spaces, or even outside in parks and communal areas. Try to get out at least once a week. 

Set Yourself Targets

When you work for yourself, you might still have client deadlines and goals, but you won’t have anyone managing your time or pushing you to hit them. Some people are great at managing their time and easily get things done. But, if you aren’t one of them, you might want to try breaking things down a little more. Set yourself daily targets and goals to stay on track. 

Meet Other Self-Employed Workers

More of us than ever before are working for ourselves either at home or out of offices. We’re starting businesses, working as freelancers, or trying to make money from our hobbies. That means that while you are feeling lonely and struggling to adjust, there are many other people, perhaps even in your local area going through the same things. Find local networking events or groups or even start your own. If the idea of meeting people like this makes you anxious, why not start a social media group or talk to solo-workers on twitter?

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