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Many of us dream of landing a high-paying job. Knowing how to achieve such a role isn’t always easy – even with education and experience, finding these jobs can be difficult. Here are just a few different ways to land a high-paying job.

Get educated

Whilst there are many high-paying jobs that don’t require qualifications, the bulk of high-paying jobs do require some kind of educational credentials. Some of the most obvious well-paid industries where education is necessary include: medicine, law, and engineering. Education doesn’t always have to be industry-related – sometimes having a degree of any kind is all that’s needed.

Education is an investment and many people are put off by the cost. There are ways to lower the cost of education including studying abroad (in some countries education is free) and by looking into sponsorships.  It may even be possible to continue earning whilst studying – taking an online course is the best way to do this as it allows you to study flexibly around any type of job.

Take on responsibility

The most well-paid jobs generally come with a high level of responsibility. You may have to be in charge of a team of employees or you may be in charge of organizing a large project. In other cases, such as becoming a pilot or a surgeon, the responsibility may involve high levels of risk.

It’s possible that you may be able to up your paycheque at your current job simply by showing a willingness to take on more responsibility. This can mean taking on extra stress – which is why many people stick with low to medium paid jobs. By accepting responsibility, you must accept the pressures that come with it.

Proof of being able to handle responsibility is something that many employers of high paid jobs will look for. Having leadership experience on your CV or taking a leadership course could be one way to show that you’re responsible. There may also be forms of personal experience that you can draw upon such as being a parent or looking after a sick/aging relative.

Look beyond job boards

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so few high-paid roles advertised on job boards, it’s not because there is a shortage of these roles out there; it’s because companies don’t like to advertise these roles. Many senior executive jobs are obtained through other means such as talent scouting, internal hiring or simply relying on direct applications. Whilst you should still check job boards, trying other tactics could also be necessary. 

To secure these high paid roles, your best option may be to use a recruitment agency or put your resume on a CV library (this includes the likes of LinkedIn). This will allow employers to come to you. You can also be proactive and apply directly to companies that you want to work for, regardless of whether they’re advertising (some companies never advertise, because they’re always getting applications). If you already work for a large company, there may also be promotional opportunities worth applying for.

Play the long game

It’s possible to get an entry-level position at a major company and work your way up slowly. This is by far the most difficult way to score a high-paying job and may involve years of dedication and continuing proving yourself.

If your company doesn’t have these progression opportunities, you may have to find a new company to work for. Climbing the career ladder is often a viable way to reach the top without an education – it’s possible to start off as a regular shop assistant in a retail chain, work your way up to management and even rise from here to a job in a head office. However, it’s a good idea to take some courses along the way to show how dedicated you are to professional development.

Make friends in high places

You may also be able to secure a high paid job by knowing the right people. Certain people with a lot of influence may be able to alert you of vacancies. Making friends with people in senior positions could also help you when securing a promotion (you may not necessarily have to ‘suck up’ to managers, but getting them to know your name could be important).

Being social and attending networking events is the best way to make these connections. There may even be people in your existing social circle that you can talk to.

Look the part

It’s harder to get away with being scruffy in a high paid job. If you’re given the opportunity of an interview, you’ll generally have to dress smart. Keeping shoes shiny, staying well-shaven and keeping nails clean could also be important.

Looking the part is also about how you compose yourself. A confident posture and smile could be important for endearing employers to you.  

Get recognized in your field

You can also score yourself a high paying job by getting recognized within your field. This might involve working on notable projects or working with notable people. You may even be able to gain media attention for accomplishments or become an important community figure. This could involve networking and working on private projects in your own time. You could even start a blog to assert yourself as an expert in your field. 

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