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A lot of us are guilty of never going after our dreams, Jasika is different. We outline the things we would love to achieve in life. We sit at our desks and let our mind wander to a world of imagination. We picture what it would be like to be a catwalk model, an influential politician, a fashion designer, a songwriter, or any other career that appeals.

Yet, the problem is that most of us never seek to fulfill these dreams. We see them as an impossible and unattainable target. But, how do you know unless you try? One woman who is living proof that you can achieve it all is Jasika Nicole. 

You probably know Jasika for her acting role in hit TV series Fringe. However, Jasika has dabbled in an array of different career choices. She has tried her hand at several forms of art and has done so with great success. Not only is the Alabama-born actress a prime example of how good women are at multitasking, but she aptly displays that diversity is the spice of life.

No matter whether you want to get into acting or own a landscaping franchise; do what makes you happy and make your career your passion; this is the recipe for success. Why else do you think Jasika Nicole is always spotted with a happy demeanor? 

As mentioned, most people are familiar with Jasika Nicole the actress. Before she appeared on your television screens, Jasika was actually cast in several musicals. The most notable has to be her leading role in the global premiere of Chasing Nicolette. However, her break onto the big screen came in 2005 when she featured in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. She featured in a season five episode, entitled ‘Scared Crazy’.

This break landed Jasika several subsequent roles. Her first film came when she was cast in ‘Take the Lead’ alongside Antonio Banderas, Elijah Kelley, and Jenna Dewan. Since then she has appeared in the TV movie The Mastersons of Manhattan, comedy series The Return of Jezebel James, and popular romantic comedy film She’s Out Of My League.

However, her most notable role is undoubtedly that of Astrid Farnsworth in science fiction television series Fringe. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, she plays an FBI Junior Agent and humor drives from the fact that Walter (a former government researcher and one of the main characters) always gets her name wrong. Jasika’s acting career is clearly flourishing and many would predict that it’s only going to get bigger and better. And this makes it even more surprising that she has time to fulfill her other dreams too.

Aside from acting, Jasika Nicole is building up her reputation as a credible artist. She showcases some of her drawings on her own website and seems to be having great success in the industry. In fact, she has even written and drawn a mini-comic. This is entitled ‘High Yella Magic’. It acts as an autobiographical piece and is available on the internet. She executes her passion for art on a freelance basis, allowing her to fit this love in with her acting schedule. Her customers vary immensely. She has done illustrations for the likes of; clothing designers, children’s books, and musicians. In fact, one of her latest ventures involves fashionable eco-friendly bags. Her illustrations have been featured on an impressive line of tote bags, cosmetic bags, and cross-body bags. Her pieces included ‘Kissing the Frog’ and ‘Watering the Garden’. 

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