Things to do in Fall - Zinny Factor

With fall almost upon us, it feels like the right time to make a few changes. A fresh season means a fresh new you, what will you do differently this month? Fall is some people’s favourite for the colours and the change in feel. However, it could feel different and cold especially since we’ve all enjoyed some sun lately. If you are looking for a little inspiration, then here are 4 things to try this fall. 

Get outdoors

As the cooler weather blows in, it is so tempting to hunker down and start to hibernate through the colder months. Yet that is not what we are suggesting, we are saying that you need to get outdoors!

Try taking up something new to keep you going out, perhaps cycling or hiking, and this way you will feel more motivated to leave your house on a cold day. Choose scenic routes to make the most of the changing colors and enjoy your outing. Fresh air, vitamin D and a change of scenery will give your health a boost.

The hot chocolates, warm throws, and candles will all be there when you get back and you can cozy down with them with your outdoorsy afterglow. 

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Learn something

It is so invigorating to learn new things, but when was the last time that you made time for this one?

Most of us have something new that we would like to learn. It might be a lifelong learning passion, like going to flight school or it might be a recent interest such as calligraphy. Now is a great time to give something a try, so take a look around and commit to it.

You might find you can enroll in a course, there might be a one day workshop or maybe there are YouTube tutorials setting you up with a few new skills. Have fun with this one, get friends involved and enjoy it. 

Eat more healthily

With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, we know that there are some periods of overindulgence coming up. We would suggest that it is worth getting back to eating healthily again after the summer now, as it will be near impossible to do so when faced with a turkey, the weather in fall and all the trimmings!

Enter into this one realistically and keep your sanity as you eat healthily, as you want to feel that you are in control, not your calorie count. Take small steps, such as increasing your water intake or grabbing an extra piece of fruit each day, whilst cutting down on sugary snacks. 

As you start to feel more energized and determined, your desire to eat healthily will return to you. 

Try out a new look

It can be fun to change our appearance up a little. You will be rifling through your wardrobe now anyway, as you change from summer outfits to autumn looks, so take the time to try putting things together differently or accessorizing them. You might spot things that you want to get this season in the stores so add a few new pieces to your wardrobe.

Pop and get a new hairstyle. Go dramatic with the cut or style it in a different way. You might want to change your color, go brunette after years of being a blonde, or perhaps alter the shade. Trust in your stylist and be open to their new ideas for you. 

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to the change in weather?

*This is a collaborative post.