Routine - Zinny Factor

When most people think of a routine, they imagine the typical girl from a positive lifestyle article in a woman’s magazine. She’s slim and healthy, laughing at a joke that nobody will ever know while eating a green salad. Or maybe she’s showing off her widest grin on her way to the gym – back from the gym; it’s hard to tell, girls in magazines don’t seem to sweat when they exercise. In other words, you already know that routine for this girl, and her readers mean freedom, health, fun, and the perfect figure. 

But for some people, a routine is the last thing they want to keep in their days. Routine is hell, and they hate it. If you sometimes roll your eyes when you stumble across the laughing girl and her salad in a magazine, you probably have already questioned the advantages of your routine. If you fear the work routine, this article is for you. 

Know that you can try to change your routine or at least take a step towards a different type of self-fulfillment.

Same old things, it’s so dull 

A routine is designed to bring reassurance and guidance throughout your day. However, you can grow bored of the same old things. And when you do, you feel trapped as if your life had come to a standstill. Is there no way out? Don’t panic. There are plenty of ways you could inject some much-needed life improvement into your routine, starting by planning for the future so that you can keep your goals in mind. But when it comes to the day-to-day reality of your career, it’s important to pinpoint the exact things that bother you. 

Because it lacks freedom

The office routine from 9 to 5 has the advantage of clocking out at the end of the day. However, it lacks flexibility. If you have had a short night, you’d like to be able to stay in bed and catch up on some sleep. But the 9-5 work style doesn’t let you pick the hours when you want to work.

It’s not easy either to find a break to squeeze in a personal appointment, such as seeing your doctor or getting your hair trimmed. If you have young children or pets, you might just as well worry that your day-to-day office job also affects your relationship with them. You feel constrained by the routine. However, there are a couple of companies who now make this a benefit.

Because it’s not you 

We all change and grow. You are not the person you were one year ago when you first applied for the job. Your experiences never stop, and while it is difficult to find a way out, it’s also essential to accept the change. You’ve grown, mentally, emotionally, and professionally. The career you enjoyed doesn’t feel right anymore. 

Because it’s not good anymore 

You might love your job, but it doesn’t mean that it offers you the promotions and growth opportunities you crave. Indeed, some companies don’t have the facilities in place to support your professional evolution, so that if you stay too long in one position, you can find yourself being stuck there forever. You’ve hit a point where your successes are recognized but not rewarded; it’s a sign that your boss can’t offer you any further progression. The only way to move your career forward is to look elsewhere on the market. 

Is your work routine draining your energy? Listen to your inner voice and try to understand what is the source of your worries. Whether you feel imprisoned by a strict schedule or your job lacks opportunities, there is always a way to improve your life. All you need to do is understand where your issue comes from.

*This is a collaborative post.