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Traditionally, running a business required shelling out on a ton of office supplies and equipment. Nowadays, the only tool you really need to run a business is a mobile phone. Modern smartphones allow you to have all the resources you need in the palm of your hand. From communication to internet use to keeping calendars, the modern smartphone is able to do it all. They’re also perfectly portable so that you can work from any location.

Of course, operating a business with nothing but a phone does have its challenges and you need to be able to overcome these. Here are just a few of the steps that you can take to make running a business from a phone a success.  

Buy a separate work phone

You don’t want to be using the same phone for business and personal use. Having two separate phones allows you to separate your business and personal life – you can turn off your business phone when you’re not working so that you don’t have to deal with business calls in your free time, and you can even turn off your personal phone whilst at work so that you’re not distracted by personal notifications.

You may still want to keep a few emergency personal contact details on your business phone, but otherwise, you should keep the two separate to improve your productivity.

ReadFinally, no more Phone Distractions at Work!

Take out the right phone plan

Once you have a separate phone, you need to take out the right phone plan. A business phone contract could save you money compared to a regular personal phone contract – these business plans offer cheaper rates on calls and texts and some may even have perks such as unlimited data. You should shop around to find the best plan for your needs. Some providers may even offer personalized business plans.

Accept business emails on your phone

In order to keep getting your business emails, you’ll need to start receiving these on your phone. Most email providers such as Gmail and Zoho have an app that you can download in order to start receiving emails. You can allow your emails to display as notifications just like texts and calls, or if you find this too distracting, you can mute them so that you have to go into the app to read your new emails.   

Stay organized with the right apps

Downloading a few extra apps could help you to stay organized. Most business software ranging from Microsoft Excel to Intuit QuickBooks is also compatible as an app – although in some cases there may be limited functions compared to the software version. It could be worth researching into a few apps built specifically for your niche.

For instance, if you’re a personal trainer, it could be worth looking into the best apps for personal trainers to see if there are any organizational apps set up for your needs. Always read reviews of apps to ensure that you’re using the best app available

Take advantage of voice activation

Using voice apps, it’s possible to control your phone using your voice. This could allow you to run aspects of your business hands-free such as calling people, entering events in your calendar or even getting your phone to read out texts and emails. Hands-free phone use could be perfect if you spend a lot of your job driving or doing manual work – it could allow you to multi-task without having to interrupt your current task, allowing you to get more done in a shorter space of time.  

Buy a portable charger

Running your entire business from your phone means that you cannot afford for your phone to die. If it runs out of battery, you could have no other way of accessing important files and information. Bringing a portable charger with you allows you to keep your phone charged up wherever you are. There are lots of portable chargers on the market that can fit in your pocket with your phone and even portable chargers that double up as phone cases.

Stay secure

You need to be certain that the information on your phone is kept secure. Take advantage of modern security lock features like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition. There are anti-virus apps that you can download as an extra security measure, but generally, most phones will have in-built security software – just make sure that you don’t delay software updates. Make sure that you’re storing all information on the cloud so that you can still access it if you lose your phone.

Know your limits

Working from a phone may have its limits and some business owners may find that they’re better off still using a computer or even physical equipment like paper diaries. Tasks, like writing a long report or doing design work, can be done from a phone – but some may find the small screen and lack of keyboard and mouse restrictive. If you find that you work more efficiently on another device, feel free to use this device for those tasks rather than your phone. After all, you may still be able to use your smartphone for the bulk of your work. 

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