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The answer to this question about school is yes, but it’s worth taking a deeper dive to discover what school really means once you have graduated. The assumption for many is that school and more specifically school achievements will no longer matter after you graduate from higher learning.

Due to this a lot of students won’t bother mentioning their achievements from school on their resume. Certainly, they don’t want it to seem like they’re too focused on the past. But there are a few reasons why school does still matter.


If you have a great level of achievement through school as well as college then what you are actually showing is a high level of consistency throughout your education and career. It demonstrates that you have always been focused and you have always been performing at a higher level.

This is what employers are looking for. They are searching for individuals that they can count on and who have a proven record of performing, even in tough positions. With your school records of achievement, you can easily highlight this.

The Final Cut

It is possible that when you apply for a job after you graduate from college you are up against people with exactly the same college achievements as you. They might have the same experience, the same credentials and the same current contacts in networking.

If all the variables are the same, then an employer will take a deeper dive and this will lead them to your performance levels at school and high school. They’ll think about whether you were captain of a sports team and whether you took any advanced classes. If you did, you’re sure to get the position over someone who may have only shown their full potential in college.


Did you take advanced classes like Grade 12 Advanced Functions, MHF4U in highschool? You might have even recently gone back and used a virtual learning course to gain this grade and complete some of those missed credits. If that’s the case then this does show that you have always had a determination and ambition to both learn and succeed.

It demonstrates that you have a thirst for knowledge and you are eager to improve yourself professionally. As you might have guessed, that’s another key trait that employers are looking for. They want someone who is constantly looking for ways they can improve and be better than before.

Nothing To Hide

Finally, it’s important to highlight your school career on your resume and feel free to talk about it in interviews to show that you have no hidden secrets. People do make mistakes in school and unfortunately, these can still haunt them in their later career.

By putting your school achievements on display you can demonstrate that there are no skeletons in your closet. You can also save employers from needing to go hunting through your past history to potentially find the information they want.

We hope this helps you understand that school achievements are still beneficial and important for your career even after you finish college.

* This is a collaborative post.