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Sometimes we can reach a brick wall when it comes to our career and seek a change. It can stem from having to make such big decisions from an early age as not all of us really know what we want to do as a career when we are in the educational system, do we? Many people don’t realize where their passions are or where their skills lie best until they begin working or open themselves up to new experiences in life.

So if you find yourself at a crossroad and looking to change your career you may be wondering what are the actionable steps you can take. Here are some of them that you can try.

Really think about who you are as a person 

One of the first things you need to do is to think about what you want to do with your life. It might be that you love the idea of working with animals. Spend some time considering this decision, as you don’t want to find yourself having a crisis over your career anytime soon. Make a decision that is right for you right now and consider yourself because, after all, a job is where you end up spending a huge chunk of your time. 

Make some changes to your resume

It is really important for you to make some changes to your resume. When was the last time it was amended? While you want to include any recent experiences you have had or skills that you have gained, a great tip is to tailor your resume to the type of job and career you want. It could be that you take on extra courses with the career change in might, such as aat training courses for accounting professions. This might help your resume stand out as you begin to outline your skills and experiences for that type of job. 

Download: Resume Template

Prepare for interviews and practice

Once the interviews start coming in you now need to consider your answers to some of the most obvious questions. These include things like why you want to change jobs? Where do you see your career going? A quick look online will highlight some of the common interview questions and you can really tailor your answers to the interview and industry you want to work in. 

Think about the first impression you are going to make

First impressions count for a lot, don’t they? So you need to make sure that your appearance is on point. It isn’t about looking good specifically, it is more about looking professional and the ideal candidate for their job position. Dressing smart, wearing suitable attire and taking care of personal hygiene are the basics covered. 

Believe in yourself 

Finally, make sure you believe in yourself. If you have the belief that you can do the job and that you are capable then you are halfway there. However, don’t be too overconfident, as this can work against you. Have the belief in yourself and your own skills, and your desire to make the change that is right for you. 

Let’s hope that these tips help you change your career in the future. 

*This is a collaborative post