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Do you have some spare time? After the 9 to 5 or a day of working for yourself? Because if you do, this is probably the time you like to take for yourself, after your job and your family are taken care of, to unwind and de-stress from the day you’ve just had. 

But then you remember that side hustle education course you invested in, that cost you a pretty penny, and that you haven’t spent any time on in months. You might get annoyed with yourself when you remember it, and you tell yourself you’ll get on with it tomorrow. 

But will you? Well, you will when you know how to prepare yourself! So, if you’re someone who wants to get on with a side hustle, to further your career or supplement your income, here are some tips to help you put it to good use. 

Find Your Motivation

Motivation is something a lot of people tend to lack when it comes to studying. Even when you’re in school, and have a tutor or an exam deadline to answer to, it can be horrendous to try and find the energy to open a textbook. 

And when you’re not beholden to either of these things and only your own hopes and dreams, it can be a lot harder to find the want to get back online. It’s why motivation is one of the key online course essentials – if you don’t know why you’re learning, why should you need to find the time and energy to do so? 

So, think back to the day you invested in the course, and subsequently yourself. What was the driving factor behind your decision? Apart from the sale price, of course. Why did you sign up? What do you want to do with what you learn here? How would it better you and your family? Write these questions down right now and try to answer them. 

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Create Some Accountability 

One of the best ways to keep yourself on track with an online course, when you have no one to answer to except yourself, is to create some accountability. When you’re accountable for the studying you’re doing, because you’re going to miss out on something or disappoint someone when you fail to log on, will work for most people out there.

So, tell your mother you need to complete a module by the end of the week, otherwise, your lunch together is canceled. Tell your partner you need to go through a certain lesson by the end of the day, or you don’t get to schedule a date night for another month. You see, when you create accountability, you make yourself responsible – it’s a lot harder to let someone you love down, compared to only yourself! 

That course you want to complete, that hasn’t seen your face in months, is still waiting for you. You want to study, and it’s not as hard to complete as you think, so make sure it doesn’t wait too long! 

We’ve written a number of side hustle articles to help you on this journey, check out the side hustle category of the blog. What course are you currently trying to study? Share with us in the comment section.

*This is a collaborative post.