Niche Role as an Employee Profession - Zinny Factor

Maybe you’re at odds with your current job, and you want to find something niche you would be more suited for. You’re not the only one, in fact, your boat is overcrowded. Many people want to work in their particular industry but haven’t been able to find a job that they find is going to allow them to be at their best.

This is where niche roles come into play because despite being in the same industries, they offer something different and off the beaten path. But what is a niche job exactly? Clearly, it’s something that isn’t part of the norm and offers something that is not going to be for everyone. On the other hand, it can also be deemed more specialist, something that requires unique skills that are hard to come by.

Perhaps this is why employers are always on the prowl for specialists to hire and give their businesses a totally unique aspect and or capability. What kinds of roles can be deemed niche then?

The strange but fascinating

Nursing is a very highly respected profession. You are working every day to save people’s lives and give them comfort in times when they are very anxious. However, aside from the normal strand of nursing, there aren’t many other kinds of roles that you think of nurses playing in hospitals. At least not until you look further into it.

There are specialist roles that nurses can play when it comes to the operating theater. This is often called the operation nurse manager, whereby you work directly with the surgeon and doctor. You’ll be helping them perform their role in the room with other nurses getting the equipment ready, aiding the patient and other tasks. However, you can also apply for ENT Training where the ears, nose, and throat are your niche areas. You will receive training that will be for hearing especially, which will allow you to diagnose patients and help the doctor in his or her course of action. You’ll also help the patient back to full recovery helping them to regain their ear to ear balance among other things.

Accounting versus risk as a niche

More and more small businesses are seeing themselves much bigger than what they are right now. This is always a good thing because it prepares them to take on big challenges in the future. You cannot take on the greatest of challenges without assuming some kind of risk.

In the finance departments of every business in the world, there is a niche role that is highly paid and highly admired. The risk analyst is a niche role to the point that in large businesses, there could only be a handful in this particular role. The accounting and other financial roles will all adhere to the risk analyst and their words of advice and wisdom. Incredibly respected, this is a role that you should work toward if you are constantly watching markets and plan long term.

Niche roles are not just sought after by employers, but they offer you unique roles in the professional world. You’ll have more fun doing them and you could offer something different to an organization.

*This is a collaborative post.