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If you are going to make it big with a side hustle, you absolutely need to be a self-starter. That means you need the tenacity and motivation to get up and work, even when there is no one looking over your shoulder.

It’s important to be reminded that side hustling isn’t for everyone. Not everybody can put up with the pressure of working towards a steady income and having some other passion/ work they pursue on the side. It’s hard work, takes a lot of dedication and is something you should think hard enough of whether you want to commit to.

Of course, if you have this precious quality, there are some absolutely fabulous ways you can increase your revenue streams. Read on to find out what they are. 

Art and craft 

The first option for self-starters to consider is to make money on the side from their creative passions. Of course, this is a genius method because not only can you sell on your own website, as well as other online platforms like Etsy, and eBay, but most people actually have a lot of fun when crafting and creating as well.

Let’s just think about that for a second, you get paid for having fun and doing a hobby that you would have done anyway, now that is a good deal! 

To set up an art or craft business, you will need to invest in some essential tools, such as paintbrushes, clay, or pens, depending on the genre you choose. Although, it is worth noting that if you have an established hobby in this area, you may have some of this stuff already. 

Additionally, building up social media following can be really helpful here because then you can link your stores and encourage a good flow of traffic. Also, you will need to carefully choose the platform on which you will promote your arts and crafts. Something you find out more about by reading posts such as this one.


Another excellent option for self-starters is to set up a cleaning business. In fact, if you have the motivation to do this work, you will likely find that there is always a market for what you are offering. 

Of course, cleaning is hard work, and to do it all day every day can be draining. That is why it’s worth investing in some equipment to help you make it as easy as possible. Luckily, even if you don’t know where to begin with buying commercial cleaning equipment, you can go to posts like the one from Steamaster Australia that covers what you will need to start such a business. Something that will give you a basic rundown of everything you need to get going.  

Additionally, there are different areas of cleaning that you can choose to niche on like residential, commercial, condo cleaning, move in or carpet/ window. You might decide to choose one based on what soothes you the most.

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Life coaching

Lastly, when it comes to the best side hustle for self-starters, why not set up your own life coaching business? Of course, it will be hard work because you need to be there for your clients as much as possible. Although you don’t really need too much equipment or resources to get going. 

In fact, the most valuable things you can invest in are a well-presented website and active social media presence. Stuff that tends to cost you in time and effort rather than in cold hard cash. 

Of course, getting some testimonials from clients whom you offer your service at a discount, in the beginning, is also a good idea. Something that most motivated self-starters shouldn’t find hard to get hold of at all. 

What do you think of these? What side hustle are you looking to delve into? Check out the category that deals on these and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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