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Sometimes you just need to free up your mind, think about nothing, and just relax. But how often do we get to do this, seriously? Our mind is never free, simply because we’re always so busy thinking about the next thing. As soon as we wake up, we’re thinking about the terrible day at work we’re about to have especially if there is a tight deadline for you.

Then we’re thinking about the house that we’re going to have to come home to clean. Then we’re thinking about the prep that we’re going to have to do for the next morning, just so that we’re not rushing around in the morning.

Now, that’s just thinking about what we actually have to do in a day. That does not account for all of the wild thoughts that are running through our minds, every single day. The thoughts of random scenarios, holiday’s, relationship problems. It’s just one constant monologue in our minds, and it seems almost impossible to shut it out. But that’s only because you’re seriously not trying.

It’s like we like to be thinking so much, and that we like the fact that we have so much to think about. Although at the time, we know you definitely would think different. So if you’ve got a migraine with all of the thoughts whirring through your mind, let us try and help you out. Here are some great ways how we think you can free up your mind!

Be A Little More In Touch With Yourself/ Mind

This is something that most of the world is lacking at the minute. Instead of being in touch with ourselves, and actually, at peace with who we are, we’re just so focused on what everyone else is doing. Think of all the celebrities that you love, the times you spend scrolling through Instagram and the amount of reality TV that you watch. We’re just so interested in what everyone else is doing, and feeling the envy from the life that we know we’re never going to live. Most times, this isn’t even the type of life you want as a person.

But it is our own lives that should demand the most attention, and it’s important to remember that life really is what you make of it. Whilst you might not have a ton of cameras following you around all of the time, your life really is like a movie, and you want to have so many amazing things to look back on! So to do this, you need to be a little more in touch with yourself, and understand what it is that’s going to free your mind, and give you a sense of calm.

To do this, we really do feel that you have to truly learn to love yourself and forget what’s going on in the world around you. So many of us have such a negative relationship with our own bodies, and it can quickly lead to a foggy brain, with constant negative thoughts. So work on yourself, and work on your own self-belief, and we promise you’ll free your mind, even if it be for just a little bit. Spend more alone time with yourself, be introspective and you’ll find what works best for you.

A Spiritual Getaway

A spiritual getaway is by far one of the best things that you can do. To do this, we would definitely recommend going to some part of Asia. The majority of locations that you could visit are highly spiritual, and the awakening you have in such places is just amazing. You will come away feeling like a new person, with a far better understanding of the world. So get yourself into the right frame of mind with it.

You could start with some spiritual buddha beads, which could even be seen as a sign of respect if you’re visiting these highly religious countries. It shows you’re taking an interest in their culture and religion. Then, when you get there, really immerse yourself into their culture, and see how religion is based around it. Although these people have far less than we do, you’ll come to notice that they are some of the happiest people in the world.

They’re so friendly and giving, and their religion guides them towards being like this. Plus, we needn’t mention that some parts of Asia are truly beautiful, and it becomes so easy to forget the troubles of home, very quickly!

There are other places you could visit that could be spiritual for you. And finding such can even occur in your own city!

Simple ‘You’ Time To Clear Your Mind

So you shouldn’t have to think about jetting off around the world to be able to free your mind, although it’s something that is highly recommended. Sometimes all it takes to be able to free your mind is to think about just having some simple ‘you’ time. Not time where you’re surrounded by family, friend, technology, or just any distraction possible.

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So why not leave your phone at home, but tell people where you’re heading, and just go for a walk. Although your mind will still be thinking about all of the things it likes to think about, it gives you a chance to clear it, without having to be around any distractions at all. You can think about what you want to think about, without anything taking your mind from that. Not to mention, it’s always good for your physical and mental health to get out and about, and go for a walk in the fresh air! If walking is not your style, think of anything that you can do that gets you away from the distractions of life, and doing something totally on your own!

Removing Big Stress Factors

This is our final, yet essential tip. If your mind is always racing with so many negative thoughts, it’s most likely because you have a million stress factors in your life. Now if you don’t act on them now, you’re only going to carry them through life. So one by one, pick them out and get them gone from your life. Even if it means making some major life changes, sometimes that’s just what you have to do! So think work wise, relationships, family bonds, and just any negative people or situations you might find yourself surrounded by!

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