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What are your thoughts on job search in general? I stumbled on Aditya’s LinkedIn post a while back and smiled so wide after reading it. I love how LinkedIn shares posts of people who you aren’t connected to simply because your friend seemed to like the person’s post. Isn’t that the beauty of social media? I was happy to connect with him afterward!

Aditya Vyas is a design and detail orientated mechanical engineer who came to Canada on a Study Permit. He completed his Master’s degree from the University of Windsor in Mechanical with Automotive specialization.

The thing is, the bulk of emails received from immigrants is related to finding a job, so when I saw Aditya’s post, I immediately felt the need to share his story here on Zinny Factor because what better way than hearing from someone in a similar experience as you? This would mean a lot to our audience and those who need to hear such stories.

Now you’re most likely wondering what this LinkedIn post was all about. Here you go!

It will interest you to know that his job search spanned for a period of two and a half months! I’ve received emails in the past where people are worried after 2 weeks when they haven’t gotten an offer and they are fairly new in the resident country.

Everyone has a different story and while this remains true, sometimes, the circumstances and every other thing have to occur at the right time to get the best result. Patience plays a huge role, but your determination to succeed is equally as important.

In his words:

“I love learning new stuffs. I love to explore the world. I believe in capturing moments through lens thus I’m a professional photographer. In the past, I have held positions such as International Student Ambassador of University of Windsor and Social Media Coordinator for UWindsor.”

The idea of this feature was to share an opinion from someone who has just completed a job search. So he shared his strategies and techniques during the search.

“Networking and connections. Keep making connections and always communicate wherever you go. Try to increase your network, like real network of people whom you meet. A reference you get from them could be your next job. LinkedIn is a big yes in job search strategy. Connecting with recruiters and then looking at their profile to go on to their websites to find out other open positions they might have. If it matches with your profile then message them and don’t hesitate to call them over. Ask them politely to come over to Skype to know you more.”

Wondering what kept him going during his job search?

“A positive mindset and support from family. My mom helped me a lot during this. Although she is in India, I talk to her everyday and she kept me going. And being an immigrant, life ain’t easy in this country.”

Zinny_factor - Aditya Job Hunt Strategies

We’ve always shared this here that sometimes what you need when going through a challenging journey is the right people around you. The person you speak to during this period will determine your mindset. This person can encourage you and keep you going. You shouldn’t be hanging with negative people.

When I asked what the biggest lesson from his job search was, he had this to say:

“Even when you don’t hear back from companies and recruiters that’s okay. Keep on applying to other positions. Just because one company didn’t like your resume or didn’t give a fair chance to you doesn’t mean other company/recruiter will do the same.”

What will you advise someone just starting out their job search?

“Job agencies are helpful. A lot of my friends are actually looking for jobs and few of them have secured a job through an agency. I didn’t turn to agencies early in my application stage so my advice would be to look for an agency when you can’t secure a job. At least for a starting period of your life, it would be really helpful as they get you a job based on your skills.”

There are times during a job search where you might have to be really specific especially when your area of specialization is niche. There are also times where you might have to spread your reach, for example, if you have no previous work experience.

From past experiences and research, there is no hard and fast rule as the circumstances might be different depending on the industry. However, a number of things should be taken into consideration like whether the supply of a particular job position is currently low in the job market. Is there a future in that role? Are you finding that changing your path might be more suitable?

For Aditya though:

“I was applying to lot of places. I was going through companies’ websites, recruiters’ profiles, their connections in those companies and trying all the means to get my resume forward so that I could land an interview.

I didn’t have to switch my career. The job I have gotten is related to HVAC design and being a mechanical engineer – I would love to do it.”

For him, if he had to do it all over again, he would:

“Start it out with agencies and would not settle for less. I would increase the rate of making connections with recruiters and improve my network.”

The end of a job hunt is the beginning of a new career journey, experience, and ultimately your story! As expected, I was curious to know what his long term plans were.

“I look forward to spending a long tenure at Johnson Controls. It is a company worth working for and my next goal would be to have my own side business in photography.”

Aditya Vyas - Zinny Factor

What motivates you?/ Favorite quote?

“My Brother – Karan. He is popular and motivates me all the time to do something different. My mom is a great supporter and always helps me in making important decisions of my life. Quote: “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done. Just do it.”

Thanks to Aditya for answering our questions and sharing his ideas and thoughts. We are so pleased to have featured him on our platform and wish him the very best in his career. This segment won’t be complete without featuring amazing humans doing great things and moving forward! To learn more about him or his photography, visit his Instagram page: @adivyas_, LinkedIn, or his website.

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Are you currently undergoing a job search? How has this been for you? Feel free to share in the comment section. Don’t forget to visit our resources page for tools that will be useful, and feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

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