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Being offered a new job is definitely an exciting and flattering thing to happen, and it can be even more exciting when there’s the prospect to relocate to somewhere new that you’ve maybe been to before and really enjoyed or have never visited before which can actually make it all the more exciting.

However, as with any major decision in life, this is one that should be considered carefully. Of course, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t go with it if that’s what your gut instinct is telling you, and you certainly shouldn’t hold off on your dreams because you talk yourself out of it or because others think it’s a bad idea, but at the same time, it’s definitely something that warrants a bit of a decision making process so that you can decide if it’s really the right thing for you.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some things to consider before relocating for a job so that you can determine if it’s what you really want or not.

If it aligns with your vision

Although it can be very tempting to just say yes to a job offer because it seems like a great idea and you’re afraid of missing out if you say no, but ultimately you have to take a step back and consider if this is something that truly aligns with your goals and vision for your life. For example, this new job opportunity may require you to move closer to a big city, and it could have always been your dream to move to the mountains or live closer to the beach, so although this job may be great, it could be taking you further from what you actually want, and so you have to ask yourself if it’s actually worth sacrificing those things for when other jobs can and will be available closer to where you actually want to live.

If it make sense financially

When it comes to a new job, on the outside, it may seem like you’re getting offered more money, and whilst that certainly isn’t a bad thing, what you need to consider here is if things like living expenses are being taken into account. For example, where you live now, the rent or mortgage payments could be a lot cheaper than the place where the new job is, so even though you’ll be making more money on paper, you’re either going to break even or could actually be coming away with less money each month, and in that case, you have to ask if it’s really worth it.

Of course, it’s not just rent or mortgage payments that may be higher – overall living costs such as schools, commuting to work, food and bills could all end up being higher and mean that you end up putting yourself in a less desirable situation financially.

How it will affect your family

If you’re single, then of course you don’t need to worry about this side of things, but if you have a family to take into consideration, then you definitely have to think about them when making this decision, and if possible then it’s a good idea to bring them in on the discussion as well. We’re certainly not suggesting that you should allow your children to make the decision or dictate to you what happens, but at least involving them, and at the very least discussing it with your partner since it will likely affect their job as well.

If there’s a relocation package

Although this seems to have become less common unless it’s an overseas move, some companies still offer a relocation package, and at the very least they will help you with start up accommodation costs and schooling costs for your children for a few months, so it’s definitely worth finding out if these are included in any job offer since depending on the package you’re offered, they can really make a big difference in how easy the move is.

What documents and insurance you might need

If you’re moving abroad, then something you’re going to need to find out is if you’re going to need any documents such as visas, work permits and health insurance, which is mandatory in some countries, and although some companies will definitely take care of this on your behalf if they’re asking you to move, and most likely if this is a transfer situation, but not all employers will, so you’ll need to find this out beforehand so you can take the necessary steps on your own if you do accept the offer.

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*This is a collaborative post.