Employer Mistreating - Zinny Factor

As employees, we have a duty to ourselves to remain vigilant. No one should be taken advantage of or mistreated at work, but it sadly happens all the time. The worst thing is, it could be happening to you – and you just aren’t aware of it.

So, here are the top warning signs your employers isn’t treating you right:

They make you work overtime for no pay

It’s all too common for an employer to get their staff to work over their contracted hours. Even if it’s just an extra hour or two in the office a few times per week – it all adds up. It eats into your free time at home, and you’re not getting paid for it.

There’s nothing illegal about an employer getting you to work overtime, but it should definitely be paid. Some even pay more as an extra thank you for staying over your contracted hours. As such, if you’re being forced to work for more hours than you signed up for, and you’re not getting paid for these extra hours, then it’s a warning sign of mistreatment.

Some employees are workaholics and enjoy working beyond their contracted hours, but that is a personal decision, not one where you are literarily asked to work with no extra pay.

They keep making inappropriate comments

This happens in the workplace, and it often tends to affect women more than men. You’ve probably all been in a situation where your employer makes a joke or comment that just makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s typically got sexual connotations, and you just don’t find it appropriate for the workplace.

Here, you have an early warning sign of sexual harassment. From here, things can quickly spiral out of control and lead to sexual abuse. While victims can seek compensation for sexual abuse, it won’t even begin to heal the mental scars that will haunt you for the rest of your life. So, if your employer keeps making comments about the way you look, or they keep making sexual jokes, then report them right away. Who knows, you could save yourself – or other female workers – from something more sinister in the future.

They provide horrible working conditions

Again, this is incredibly common as employer’s think they can get away with making you work in awful conditions. Even the biggest companies on earth are doing this. The owner of Amazon got into hot water about the poor working conditions in warehouses just last year.

Every business owner needs to provide safe workplaces for their staff. If you don’t feel safe in the workplace or think that you’re not being given a suitable place to work, then you’re definitely being mistreated.

If you spot any of these three warning signs, then you need to act right away. Hopefully, there’s an HR department that you can file any complaints to. Otherwise, you might have to take legal action. In some cases, if you hate your job, then it’s better to quit and find a new job instead. But, you should still report these issues before you leave, or else things won’t change for any of your ex-coworkers. You shouldn’t be mistreated at work, and no one CAN mistreat you at work. Watch out for these signs, then act!

*This is a collaborative post.